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“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”


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about 17 hours ago
MarcR added a comment to GE Link with Battery

This has the potential to be a life saver. I'd have one of these in every area of my house just in case. Huge TU!

about 17 hours ago
MarcR added a comment to GE + Wink Smart Remote

We need to keep the GE + Wink train rolling and this looks like it would fit right in with the product lineup. TU and good luck!

1 day ago
MarcR added a comment to Funny Wink Lights

Fun idea, TU!

1 day ago
MarcR submitted a new idea
Attachment20150220-21341-1i7fpi7 Adjustable Kitchen Waste Can
3 days ago
MarcR added a comment to vine stopper

Hey Ethan, I'm all for it. TU!

(Full disclosure, magnets for Vine and Vine Stop have been suggested before for both previous products but hopefully your idea submission will prove to be the one that makes it happen. Good luck!)

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Donna McNeal
Donna McNeal
about 19 hours ago
TU on your Idea !! I have posted an idea to keep our pets cool in the summer if you have the time check it out Thanks and have a wonderful day!
about 21 hours ago
Thumbs Up!
J  R
6 days ago
i vote yes
Jason O
Jason O
7 days ago
Thanks for the props Marc!
David P.
9 days ago
Brian T
Brian T
9 days ago
I just voted for the safe dishwasher basket. Good luck! Take a look at my latest idea when you can. Thanks!
Rashid Fehmi
11 days ago
Do you know the status. Of folding watering can
13 days ago
Hey thanks Marc! They did an awesome job on it. Have a great weekend! :)
Kristen Rea
14 days ago
Thanks! I think this Quirky thing could get addicting!
Christopher Didio
Christopher Didio
14 days ago
MarcR, Thanks... First one!!!
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