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We make invention accessible.

We believe the best ideas in the world aren't actually in the world... they're locked inside people's heads. We exist to solve that problem.


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Meet the people who work at Quirky
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Ben Kaufman staff side small
Ben Kaufman staff front small
Ben Kaufman
Executive Leadership
Doreen Lorenzo staff side small
Doreen Lorenzo staff front small
Doreen Lorenzo
Executive Leadership
Bret Kovacs staff side small
Bret Kovacs staff front small
Bret Kovacs
Community Leadership
Viresh Chopra staff side small
Viresh Chopra staff front small
Viresh Chopra
Design Leadership
Ed Kremer staff side small
Ed Kremer staff front small
Ed Kremer
Finance Leadership
Charlie Kwalwasser staff side small
Charlie Kwalwasser staff front small
Charlie Kwalwasser
Legal Leadership
Kris Koeller staff side small
Kris Koeller staff front small
Kris Koeller
Operations Leadership
Rochelle DiRe staff side small
Rochelle DiRe staff front small
Rochelle DiRe
People & Culture Leadership
Steven Walker staff side small
Steven Walker staff front small
Steven Walker
Platform - Experience Leadership
Chad Hetherington staff side small
Chad Hetherington staff front small
Chad Hetherington
Sales Leadership
Steve Heintz staff side small
Steve Heintz staff front small
Steve Heintz
Technology Leadership
Matt Baer staff side small
Matt Baer staff front small
Matt Baer
General Manager
Nancy Chen staff side small
Nancy Chen staff front small
Nancy Chen
General Manager
Justin Seidenfeld staff side small
Justin Seidenfeld staff front small
Justin Seidenfeld
General Manager
Nirali Shah staff side small
Nirali Shah staff front small
Nirali Shah
General Manager
Mike Sullivan staff side small
Mike Sullivan staff front small
Mike Sullivan
General Manager
Suzanne Daniels staff side small
Suzanne Daniels staff front small
Suzanne Daniels
Natalie Kay staff side small
Natalie Kay staff front small
Natalie Kay
Susan LoVaglio staff side small
Susan LoVaglio staff front small
Susan LoVaglio
Charles Lovaglio staff side small
Charles Lovaglio staff front small
Charles Lovaglio
Melany Lynch  staff side small
Melany Lynch  staff front small
Melany Lynch
Jeff Lyon staff side small
Jeff Lyon staff front small
Jeff Lyon
Caitlin Rystrom staff side small
Caitlin Rystrom staff front small
Caitlin Rystrom
Rachel Wallace staff side small
Rachel Wallace staff front small
Rachel Wallace
Agathe Anselme staff side small
Agathe Anselme staff front small
Agathe Anselme
Community Management
Rick Diamond staff side small
Rick Diamond staff front small
Rick Diamond
Community Management
Margaret Fiorio staff side small
Margaret Fiorio staff front small
Margaret Fiorio
Community Management
Nathaniel Padgett staff side small
Nathaniel Padgett staff front small
Nathaniel Padgett
Community Management
Erin Petree staff side small
Erin Petree staff front small
Erin Petree
Community Management
Domenick Pontoriero staff side small
Domenick Pontoriero staff front small
Domenick Pontoriero
Community Management
Paula Rosenberg staff side small
Paula Rosenberg staff front small
Paula Rosenberg
Community Management
Terence Washington staff side small
Terence Washington staff front small
Terence Washington
Community Management
Ben Machado staff side small
Ben Machado staff front small
Ben Machado
Anna Buchbauer staff side small
Anna Buchbauer staff front small
Anna Buchbauer
Dan Fakharzadeh staff side small
Dan Fakharzadeh staff front small
Dan Fakharzadeh
David Mishler staff side small
David Mishler staff front small
David Mishler
Melissa Dain staff side small
Melissa Dain staff front small
Melissa Dain
Creative Operations
David Cole staff side small
David Cole staff front small
David Cole
Creative Operations
Isabelle Ahearne staff side small
Isabelle Ahearne staff front small
Isabelle Ahearne
Creative Operations
Anthony Cuni staff side small
Anthony Cuni staff front small
Anthony Cuni
Customer Service
Alex Billen-Calhoun staff side small
Alex Billen-Calhoun staff front small
Alex Billen-Calhoun
Customer Service
Renee Butcher staff side small
Renee Butcher staff front small
Renee Butcher
Customer Service
Marissa DeGeorgia staff side small
Marissa DeGeorgia staff front small
Marissa DeGeorgia
Customer Service
Allison Dench staff side small
Allison Dench staff front small
Allison Dench
Customer Service
Valecia Digristina staff side small
Valecia Digristina staff front small
Valecia Digristina
Customer Service
Nick DiMoro staff side small
Nick DiMoro staff front small
Nick DiMoro
Customer Service
TJ Drucker staff side small
TJ Drucker staff front small
TJ Drucker
Customer Service
Kati Eige staff side small
Kati Eige staff front small
Kati Eige
Customer Service
Natalie Gergich staff side small
Natalie Gergich staff front small
Natalie Gergich
Customer Service
Lindsay Jordan staff side small
Lindsay Jordan staff front small
Lindsay Jordan
Customer Service
Michele Lyons staff side small
Michele Lyons staff front small
Michele Lyons
Customer Service
John Malone staff side small
John Malone staff front small
John Malone
Customer Service
Sean Mayo staff side small
Sean Mayo staff front small
Sean Mayo
Customer Service
Stephanie Mirch staff side small
Stephanie Mirch staff front small
Stephanie Mirch
Customer Service
Anthony Polanco staff side small
Anthony Polanco staff front small
Anthony Polanco
Customer Service
Joe Rivera staff side small
Joe Rivera staff front small
Joe Rivera
Customer Service
Alyssa Sabin staff side small
Alyssa Sabin staff front small
Alyssa Sabin
Customer Service
Stacia Salvatore staff side small
Stacia Salvatore staff front small
Stacia Salvatore
Customer Service
Nick Sheridan staff side small
Nick Sheridan staff front small
Nick Sheridan
Customer Service
Sue Walker staff side small
Sue Walker staff front small
Sue Walker
Customer Service
Devin Whitford staff side small
Devin Whitford staff front small
Devin Whitford
Customer Service
Jimmy Wilson staff side small
Jimmy Wilson staff front small
Jimmy Wilson
Customer Service
Simon Bird staff side small
Simon Bird staff front small
Simon Bird
Aggie Ng staff side small
Aggie Ng staff front small
Aggie Ng
Yuko Onishi staff side small
Yuko Onishi staff front small
Yuko Onishi
Sarah Chaudary staff side small
Sarah Chaudary staff front small
Sarah Chaudary
Ricky Cheng staff side small
Ricky Cheng staff front small
Ricky Cheng
Jeff Groves staff side small
Jeff Groves staff front small
Jeff Groves
Benny Hui staff side small
Benny Hui staff front small
Benny Hui
Choi Li staff side small
Choi Li staff front small
Choi Li
Gabe Ochoa staff side small
Gabe Ochoa staff front small
Gabe Ochoa
Nicholas Oxley staff side small
Nicholas Oxley staff front small
Nicholas Oxley
Nick Pang staff side small
Nick Pang staff front small
Nick Pang
Laura Sink staff side small
Laura Sink staff front small
Laura Sink
Andy Sorensen staff side small
Andy Sorensen staff front small
Andy Sorensen
Dan Turk staff side small
Dan Turk staff front small
Dan Turk
Peter Wadsworth staff side small
Peter Wadsworth staff front small
Peter Wadsworth
Monica Sese staff side small
Monica Sese staff front small
Monica Sese
Experiential Marketing
Jennifer Baez staff side small
Jennifer Baez staff front small
Jennifer Baez
Laritza Chavez staff side small
Laritza Chavez staff front small
Laritza Chavez
Mina Cheng staff side small
Mina Cheng staff front small
Mina Cheng
Michael Jurek staff side small
Michael Jurek staff front small
Michael Jurek
Elizabeth Svizzero staff side small
Elizabeth Svizzero staff front small
Elizabeth Svizzero
Ben Apatow staff side small
Ben Apatow staff front small
Ben Apatow
Graphic Design
Kar Kay Ho staff side small
Kar Kay Ho staff front small
Kar Kay Ho
Graphic Design
Tessa Law staff side small
Tessa Law staff front small
Tessa Law
Graphic Design
Bo Nimitmongkol staff side small
Bo Nimitmongkol staff front small
Bo Nimitmongkol
Graphic Design
Sarah Steinmetz staff side small
Sarah Steinmetz staff front small
Sarah Steinmetz
Graphic Design
Ekta Mody staff side small
Ekta Mody staff front small
Ekta Mody
Graphic Design
Kirstin Booher staff side small
Kirstin Booher staff front small
Kirstin Booher
Human Resources
Suzannah Kerr staff side small
Suzannah Kerr staff front small
Suzannah Kerr
Human Resources
Bobby Pearson staff side small
Bobby Pearson staff front small
Bobby Pearson
Human Resources
David Sutton staff side small
David Sutton staff front small
David Sutton
Industrial Design
Will Alusitz staff side small
Will Alusitz staff front small
Will Alusitz
Industrial Design
Bernardo Bajana staff side small
Bernardo Bajana staff front small
Bernardo Bajana
Industrial Design
Andrew Brase staff side small
Andrew Brase staff front small
Andrew Brase
Industrial Design
Faris Elmasu staff side small
Faris Elmasu staff front small
Faris Elmasu
Industrial Design
Richard Ganas staff side small
Richard Ganas staff front small
Richard Ganas
Industrial Design
Alex Georg staff side small
Alex Georg staff front small
Alex Georg
Industrial Design
Przemek Godycki staff side small
Przemek Godycki staff front small
Przemek Godycki
Industrial Design
Joseph Guerra staff side small
Joseph Guerra staff front small
Joseph Guerra
Industrial Design
Juan Jimenez staff side small
Juan Jimenez staff front small
Juan Jimenez
Industrial Design
Nina Lorusso staff side small
Nina Lorusso staff front small
Nina Lorusso
Industrial Design
Adam Paskow staff side small
Adam Paskow staff front small
Adam Paskow
Industrial Design
Aaron Saxton staff side small
Aaron Saxton staff front small
Aaron Saxton
Industrial Design
Julia Troy staff side small
Julia Troy staff front small
Julia Troy
Industrial Design
Kate Vallon staff side small
Kate Vallon staff front small
Kate Vallon
Industrial Design
Danny DePasquale staff side small
Danny DePasquale staff front small
Danny DePasquale
Invention Ambassador
Andrew Erlick staff side small
Andrew Erlick staff front small
Andrew Erlick
Invention Ambassador
Dave Hennedy staff side small
Dave Hennedy staff front small
Dave Hennedy
Invention Ambassador
Darryl Wong staff side small
Darryl Wong staff front small
Darryl Wong
Invention Ambassador
Aaron Dolberg staff side small
Aaron Dolberg staff front small
Aaron Dolberg
Sarah Chan staff side small
Sarah Chan staff front small
Sarah Chan
Chris Siu staff side small
Chris Siu staff front small
Chris Siu
Spencer Sharp staff side small
Spencer Sharp staff front small
Spencer Sharp
Markus Ellenbeck staff side small
Markus Ellenbeck staff front small
Markus Ellenbeck
Terence Hui staff side small
Terence Hui staff front small
Terence Hui
Danny Leung staff side small
Danny Leung staff front small
Danny Leung
Judy Meng staff side small
Judy Meng staff front small
Judy Meng
Lauren Reilly staff side small
Lauren Reilly staff front small
Lauren Reilly
Mark Fisher staff side small
Mark Fisher staff front small
Mark Fisher
Albert Chan staff side small
Albert Chan staff front small
Albert Chan
Alvin Lam staff side small
Alvin Lam staff front small
Alvin Lam
Jeremy Lau staff side small
Jeremy Lau staff front small
Jeremy Lau
Hazel Lui staff side small
Hazel Lui staff front small
Hazel Lui
Gordon Ma staff side small
Gordon Ma staff front small
Gordon Ma
Tara Zhu staff side small
Tara Zhu staff front small
Tara Zhu
Lindsay Casler staff side small
Lindsay Casler staff front small
Lindsay Casler
Scott Shephard staff side small
Scott Shephard staff front small
Scott Shephard
Victor Chan staff side small
Victor Chan staff front small
Victor Chan
Danny Cheng staff side small
Danny Cheng staff front small
Danny Cheng
Frank Kuo staff side small
Frank Kuo staff front small
Frank Kuo
Eddie Tam staff side small
Eddie Tam staff front small
Eddie Tam
Doris Lau staff side small
Doris Lau staff front small
Doris Lau
People & Culture
Sammi Tong staff side small
Sammi Tong staff front small
Sammi Tong
People & Culture
Kristen Rodgers staff side small
Kristen Rodgers staff front small
Kristen Rodgers
Adam Gandolfo staff side small
Adam Gandolfo staff front small
Adam Gandolfo
Lisa Graves staff side small
Lisa Graves staff front small
Lisa Graves
Rick Holbrook staff side small
Rick Holbrook staff front small
Rick Holbrook
Andrea House staff side small
Andrea House staff front small
Andrea House
Greg Pasternack staff side small
Greg Pasternack staff front small
Greg Pasternack
Chris Hooker staff side small
Chris Hooker staff front small
Chris Hooker
Lajja Shah staff side small
Lajja Shah staff front small
Lajja Shah
Jim England staff side small
Jim England staff front small
Jim England
Platform - Experience
Ryan Scherf staff side small
Ryan Scherf staff front small
Ryan Scherf
Platform - Experience
Anthony Tadina staff side small
Anthony Tadina staff front small
Anthony Tadina
Platform - Experience
Grace Varga staff side small
Grace Varga staff front small
Grace Varga
Platform - Experience
Graham Blache staff side small
Graham Blache staff front small
Graham Blache
Platform - Engineering
Chris Brady staff side small
Chris Brady staff front small
Chris Brady
Platform - Engineering
Mike Chittenden staff side small
Mike Chittenden staff front small
Mike Chittenden
Platform - Engineering
Wess Cope staff side small
Wess Cope staff front small
Wess Cope
Platform - Engineering
Irene Haque staff side small
Irene Haque staff front small
Irene Haque
Platform - Engineering
Micah Martin staff side small
Micah Martin staff front small
Micah Martin
Platform - Engineering
Nitya Oberoi staff side small
Nitya Oberoi staff front small
Nitya Oberoi
Platform - Engineering
Zack Taylor staff side small
Zack Taylor staff front small
Zack Taylor
Platform - Engineering
Janna Garza staff side small
Janna Garza staff front small
Janna Garza
Product Development
Ryan Hastings staff side small
Ryan Hastings staff front small
Ryan Hastings
Product Development
Lerry Li staff side small
Lerry Li staff front small
Lerry Li
Product Development
Brian Tang staff side small
Brian Tang staff front small
Brian Tang
Product Development
Niki Zdanow staff side small
Niki Zdanow staff front small
Niki Zdanow
Product Development
Tiffany Markofsky staff side small
Tiffany Markofsky staff front small
Tiffany Markofsky
Public Relations
Alyssa Carroll staff side small
Alyssa Carroll staff front small
Alyssa Carroll
Public Relations
Morgan Glier staff side small
Morgan Glier staff front small
Morgan Glier
Public Relations
Mark Beilock staff side small
Mark Beilock staff front small
Mark Beilock
Project Management
Shalom Bongon staff side small
Shalom Bongon staff front small
Shalom Bongon
Project Management
Kenneth Cheng staff side small
Kenneth Cheng staff front small
Kenneth Cheng
Project Management
Garret Fung staff side small
Garret Fung staff front small
Garret Fung
Project Management
Myriam Kruse staff side small
Myriam Kruse staff front small
Myriam Kruse
Project Management
Joe Li staff side small
Joe Li staff front small
Joe Li
Project Management
Nicole McCree staff side small
Nicole McCree staff front small
Nicole McCree
Project Management
Dick Mui staff side small
Dick Mui staff front small
Dick Mui
Project Management
Chloe Nash staff side small
Chloe Nash staff front small
Chloe Nash
Project Management
Mandy Pang staff side small
Mandy Pang staff front small
Mandy Pang
Project Management
Mark Principe staff side small
Mark Principe staff front small
Mark Principe
Project Management
Adam Taylor staff side small
Adam Taylor staff front small
Adam Taylor
Project Management
Josh Wright staff side small
Josh Wright staff front small
Josh Wright
Project Management
Kitty Zhou staff side small
Kitty Zhou staff front small
Kitty Zhou
Project Management
Meghann Barber staff side small
Meghann Barber staff front small
Meghann Barber
Candace Dunlap staff side small
Candace Dunlap staff front small
Candace Dunlap
Jason Medley staff side small
Jason Medley staff front small
Jason Medley
Lauren Ball staff side small
Lauren Ball staff front small
Lauren Ball
Joni Deus staff side small
Joni Deus staff front small
Joni Deus
Jenna Pugh staff side small
Jenna Pugh staff front small
Jenna Pugh
Matt Swanson staff side small
Matt Swanson staff front small
Matt Swanson
Garret Van Der Boom staff side small
Garret Van Der Boom staff front small
Garret Van Der Boom
Kellen Xu staff side small
Kellen Xu staff front small
Kellen Xu
Alex Lemelman staff side small
Alex Lemelman staff front small
Alex Lemelman
Sales Operations
Michael Casella staff side small
Michael Casella staff front small
Michael Casella
Sales Operations
Devon Ball staff side small
Devon Ball staff front small
Devon Ball
Sales Operations
Micah Day staff side small
Micah Day staff front small
Micah Day
Sales Operations
Katherine Druback staff side small
Katherine Druback staff front small
Katherine Druback
Sales Operations
Jenny McCormick staff side small
Jenny McCormick staff front small
Jenny McCormick
Sales Operations
Michael McCulloch  staff side small
Michael McCulloch  staff front small
Michael McCulloch
Sales Operations
Lou Villalva staff side small
Lou Villalva staff front small
Lou Villalva
Sales Operations
Chris Caufield staff side small
Chris Caufield staff front small
Chris Caufield
Varun Nagpal staff side small
Varun Nagpal staff front small
Varun Nagpal
Jason Pantone staff side small
Jason Pantone staff front small
Jason Pantone
Jack Wu staff side small
Jack Wu staff front small
Jack Wu
Sam Anderson staff side small
Sam Anderson staff front small
Sam Anderson
Michael Beyhs staff side small
Michael Beyhs staff front small
Michael Beyhs
Greg Magruder staff side small
Greg Magruder staff front small
Greg Magruder
Sam Pan staff side small
Sam Pan staff front small
Sam Pan
David Proctor staff side small
David Proctor staff front small
David Proctor
Brian Warren staff side small
Brian Warren staff front small
Brian Warren
Nathan Smith staff side small
Nathan Smith staff front small
Nathan Smith
Jeff Bartenbach staff side small
Jeff Bartenbach staff front small
Jeff Bartenbach
Matt Bornski staff side small
Matt Bornski staff front small
Matt Bornski
Isaac Green staff side small
Isaac Green staff front small
Isaac Green
Izzy Johnston staff side small
Izzy Johnston staff front small
Izzy Johnston
Noah Keating staff side small
Noah Keating staff front small
Noah Keating
Alex Limpaecher staff side small
Alex Limpaecher staff front small
Alex Limpaecher
Joseph Lin staff side small
Joseph Lin staff front small
Joseph Lin
Richard McClellan staff side small
Richard McClellan staff front small
Richard McClellan
Sam Williams staff side small
Sam Williams staff front small
Sam Williams
Stephanie Philson staff side small
Stephanie Philson staff front small
Stephanie Philson
Calla Salinger staff side small
Calla Salinger staff front small
Calla Salinger

Board of Directors

Carl Bass
Carl Bass
Beth Comstock
Beth Comstock
Josh Goldman
Josh Goldman
Michael E. Marks
Michael E. Marks
James D. Robinson
James D. Robinson
Scott Weiss
Scott Weiss


Jeff Natland
Jeff Natland
Jon Liebman
Jon Liebman
Josh Spear
Josh Spear
Philip Erdoes
Philip Erdoes
Charlie Walk
Charlie Walk
Jason Port
Jason Port
Brad Beckerman
Brad Beckerman
Mary Meeker
Mary Meeker
Rachel Shechtman
Rachel Shechtman


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Our people are passionate, talented and know how to 'get shit done'. We work in a fast and dynamic environment, but will never lose sight of our single yet ambitious vision: to make invention accessible. Quirky offers generous benefits and perks along with a bling office space and working environment.

  • Benefits
  • 401K
  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Flex Spending Account
  • Perks
  • Parking & Transit
  • Snacks & Drinks
  • Bike Racks & Showers
  • Bling Office
  • Monthly $100 Reimbursement

Think you have what it takes? Take a look at our current openings.

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