Tune in: Live Q&A with Ben this Thursday

Whew—it’s been quite a couple of weeks here at Quirky! To make sure you’re up to speed with all our updates and announcements, we’ll be hosting a live Q&A session with CEO Ben Kaufman this Thursday at 5:30pm ET on Quirky.com/live. To get those inquisitive gears turning, here are some of the most recent Quirky […]

Quirky+Mattel: The future of play

It’s time to embrace your inner kid! We’re teaming up with Mattel, worldwide leader in the designing, manufacturing, and marketing of toys and family products, so you can invent the future of play. Our community is full of great toy ideas (about 15,000 have already been submitted!), and now we have the perfect partner to […]

Quirky Opens Up

Quirky is a platform for invention. Unlike many platforms, though, until recently it only had one customer… its own consumer brand. For years, the idea of partnering with another brand and allowing them to tap into our invention machine rubbed us the wrong way. We were so protective of our community, that the risk of […]

From junkyard tinkerer to Quirky inventor: Nathan Firth’s story

Inventing runs in Nathan Firth’s family. His father, an inventor himself, used to take Nathan to the junkyard to collect odds ’n’ ends that would become the building blocks for his very first inventions. That entrepreneurial spirit served Nathan well—last November we introduced Ascend, the smart garage door controller he dreamt up. Now a father […]

Quirky+Harman Invention Challenge: The Headphones of Tomorrow

We’re excited to announce our second Powered by Quirky partner… Harman! The world’s leader in premium audio equipment, Harman has defined hi-fi audio equipment for more than 60 years with brands like JBL, Harman Kardon, and Infinity. Through this partnership, we’re giving you the chance to invent the next big thing in audio. For our […]

The Internet of Less Things for You to Think About

Nearly every important wave of invention in consumer products could be marked or explained by the moment we all stopped worrying about something, and started worrying about something else. Horses are slow and stinky. We get cars. We worry about safety. We wonder if we have enough fuel to make the trip. And geez, what […]

Women’s History Month: Great female inventors through time

There are so many awesome female inventors, we couldn’t fit them all here! Leave a comment with more of your favorites below.

I made it: Sam Anderson’s LED bike

Inspiration can come from anywhere—just ask Sam Anderson, one of Quirky’s engineers. It hit him one morning on his bike ride to work when he collided with a bus, breaking his clavicle, first metacarpal, cheekbone, and two spinal processes. The accident didn’t deter Sam from biking. Instead, he used his recovery time to consider how […]

From stay-at-home mom to Quirky inventor: Maria Morrill’s story

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re celebrating inspirational female inventors everywhere. So we visited Maria Morrill, the inventor of Ohm, at her home in South Carolina to get the story behind her invention. After growing up in Puerto Rico, Maria moved to America with the intention of studying graphic design in college. Unfortunately, when […]

Vote for us in Fast Company’s #OfficeThrowdown!

Update: Last week, we knocked Etsy out of Fast Company’s #OfficeThrowdown. Now, we’re facing off with GrubHub for a spot in the finals. This round ends Friday, March 13th at 5pm ET, so cast your vote now! In the spirit of March Madness, eight New York start-ups are battling it out for the right to […]

The Cronut legend: How one chef is reinventing the pastry world

People rarely consider bakers to be inventors, but we disagree. Dominique Ansel is a pastry chef in a league of his own; he pushes the baking boundaries and never settles for the status quo. Just look at the Cronut… A croissant-doughnut hybrid, the Cronut made it’s big debut in May 2013. And this sweet’s got […]

Everything you missed at Town Meeting

On Thursday night, our CEO Ben Kaufman, took the community through the good, the bad, and the ugly of 2014 in our first Town Meeting of the year. He also shared plans for the future of the company and some big changes coming our way. It wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies. We’re making moves, people! […]

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