A good shake is all it takes: Introducing… Shakeups!

Scrubbing the inside of a bottle is a singularly joyless enterprise. Enter Shakeups, which let you to get at those hard-to-reach corners quickly and thoroughly. Simply pour in the water and soap, insert the six scrubbing balls, cover up, and shake, shake, shake! These brilliant little workers generate a rich lather that gets into every […]

We gave an inventor a GoPro. This is what happened…

A few weeks ago, we invited the newest Quirky+GE inventors to QHQ to celebrate their products at a press event. We gave Denny Fong, inventor of Spotter UNIQ and Norm, a GoPro camera and asked him to document his experience. He captured it all: the office, the event, his fellow inventors, Quirky staff, and the […]

An outlet with options: Introducing… Portal!

Time to get acquainted with Portal, a modular smart system designed to replace your wall outlet, granting you access to a wide range of options (including regular outlets, speakers, USB ports, surge protectors, sensors, intercoms, and more). The box––which consists of a dock, an exchangeable module, and a sleek metal cover––includes a smart circuit breaker that lets you […]

Trap and transfer: Introducing… Nab!

Damn that mouse. He’s nibbled through the Limburger, the chocolate truffles, and grandma’s pumpkin pie. Armed with Nab, you’ll always have the last laugh. This app-enabled mousetrap consists of a simple container that rests on the floor. After the mischievous muncher climbs into the slot, he’ll be officially captured (“Squeak!”), and you’ll be alerted on […]

Simplify your sink: Introducing… Nozz!

Never again juggle sprayers, scrubbers, soap bottles, and dirty dishes. Nozz is a 3-in-1 sink sprayer that incorporates all your dishwashing essentials into one sleek, streamlined nozzle. Featuring a soap container that’s easily removed for refills, Nozz includes two brush heads: a sponge and a bristly scrubber. The button up front dispenses soap, while the […]

Lasers + pumpkin pie = holy ship!

This Thanksgiving, we’re thankful for pumpkin pie. We’re also thankful for the laser-cutting machine we used to burn the image of the Mayflower into our pumpkin pie. Wondering just how we did that? First, we send a vector file (typically created in Adobe Illustrator) to the laser cutter’s computer, which has a program that reads […]

Pump out the stain: Introducing… Dabber!

You’ve spilled a great deal of Cabernet on your gorgeous hand-knotted 17th century Persian rug and now you’re condemned to an evening of blotting, blotting, blotting. Bummer! Fortunately, Dabber is here to save the evening from encroaching dreariness. Not only does this handy tool keep your hands clear of the mess, but it cleverly uses […]

No ice required: Introducing… CO2ler!

Gone are the days of soggy sandwiches and lukewarm soda. CO2ler is a cooler that runs off compressed CO2 gas (contained in a refillable 20oz can). Cooling properties are created when liquified gas is forced through an expansion valve, causing a rapid change in pressure. The gas cools as it’s run through condenser coils, much in […]

Combine to design: Introducing… Geos!

You walk into your living room and it hits you: The decor’s a snore. But not to worry. Geos is a set of felt squares that interlock to create endless interior design possibilities. Playing with these modular textiles is akin to quilting, albeit without the time commitment and sweat. A simple set of instructions lets you […]

The Art of Glass Blowing

When we got the opportunity to reinvent the light bulb with GE, we jumped at the chance. Our first stop was Brooklyn Glass—a local glass blowing studio—that helped us create the first Link prototypes. We walked away from the experience with a light bulb model—and a whole new appreciation for the age-old art of blowing […]

Quick Guide to Research: why it’s important & how to do it

Research. It’s the hero of any great Quirky submission. A thorough analysis of your invention’s competitive landscape has three key benefits:  1. It reveals whether or not your invention already exists. It’s no fun spending a lot of time coming up with a new product idea, only to find out that someone beat you to it. […]

Show your colors: Introducing… Kaleido!

Kaleido is a string of 50 multicolor LEDs that you can control via an app on your smartphone. After draping bulbs across every trellis and tree, you can obsessively tinker with the controls to your heart’s content. Unleash ever-shifting whirls of color by synchronizing lights to your favorite festive anthems. Best of all, the hue, brightness, […]

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