No ice required: Introducing… CO2ler!

Gone are the days of soggy sandwiches and lukewarm soda. CO2ler is a cooler that runs off compressed CO2 gas (contained in a refillable 20oz can). Cooling properties are created when liquified gas is forced through an expansion valve, causing a rapid change in pressure. The gas cools as it’s run through condenser coils, much in […]

Combine to design: Introducing… Geos!

You walk into your living room and it hits you: The decor’s a snore. But not to worry. Geos is a set of felt squares that interlock to create endless interior design possibilities. Playing with these modular textiles is akin to quilting, albeit without the time commitment and sweat. A simple set of instructions lets you […]

The Art of Glass Blowing

When we got the opportunity to reinvent the light bulb with GE, we jumped at the chance. Our first stop was Brooklyn Glass—a local glass blowing studio—that helped us create the first Link prototypes. We walked away from the experience with a light bulb model—and a whole new appreciation for the age-old art of blowing […]

Quick Guide to Research: why it’s important & how to do it

Research. It’s the hero of any great Quirky submission. A thorough analysis of your invention’s competitive landscape has three key benefits:  1. It reveals whether or not your invention already exists. It’s no fun spending a lot of time coming up with a new product idea, only to find out that someone beat you to it. […]

Show your colors: Introducing… Kaleido!

Kaleido is a string of 50 multicolor LEDs that you can control via an app on your smartphone. After draping bulbs across every trellis and tree, you can obsessively tinker with the controls to your heart’s content. Unleash ever-shifting whirls of color by synchronizing lights to your favorite festive anthems. Best of all, the hue, brightness, […]

#InventionsThatMatter: 3D printing

Since its invention in 1982, 3D printing has been gaining popularity and is now officially considered one of the “it” areas of the tech scene. While the technology continues to evolve, innovative uses and new possibilities are constantly being discovered. Here are four of the most interesting applications we’ve spotted in the news recently: 1. […]

Smart care for dry air: Introducing… Osmos!

Feeling dangerously dried out? Time to get Osmos in on the action. This ultrasonic smart humidifier lets you control humidity levels right from your mobile device. It’ll ping you when the water tank needs refilling, if it’s time to change the filter, and when the air is need of some serious moisture. Pin-droppingly quiet, the […]

Capture the clogs: Introducing… Levee!

Now your bathroom drain can strain. Levee is a sink stopper that finally puts a stop to all those messy clogs. Super easy to install, it effectively keeps all the funky flotsam and jetsam out of sight, preventing flooding. To clean Levee, simply unscrew the stopper and strainer, empty out the build-up, and screw back into […]

The Robot Butler campaign fakes out the future

Last week, a mysterious new company emerged on the tech scene: Robot Butler Inc. They announced their arrival with an enticing teaser clip and the promise of a fully autonomous robot that’ll cater to your every whim: The next day, empty Robot Butler boxes appeared on street corners in major cities around the country, further […]

Meet the newest Quirky+GE inventors!

This morning, Quirky+GE announced seven new smart products. Of course, we had to invite our inventors to be a part of the announcement, so we flew them to our headquarters in NYC to celebrate the unveiling. These four gentlemen came in a day early to chat about all things invention, play around with their brand-new […]

Put some tech in your step: Introducing… Launchpad!

A red carpet affair if there ever was one: We’re rolling out the world’s first pressure-sensitive, Wink-connected floor mat. Launchpad activates when you step on it, thus opening up a host of intriguing options: Use it as an alarm clock (the only way to turn it off is to get out of bed––hey, you’re up!); a […]

From prototype to product: Beat Booster

Beat Booster is one of the most challenging inventions we’ve ever taken on. It’s a Bluetooth stereo with speakers that slide apart to reveal a universal dock for your iPhone, iPad, or iPad Mini, and more. It’s a large, high-end product with a complicated mechanism. So after the design was nailed down, how did we […]

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