Everything you missed at Town Meeting

On Thursday night, our CEO Ben Kaufman, took the community through the good, the bad, and the ugly of 2014 in our first Town Meeting of the year. He also shared plans for the future of the company and some big changes coming our way. It wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies. We’re making moves, people! […]

Cooper Union schools Quirky at this week’s Eval

What happens when a renowned engineering and design school gets a little bit Quirky? Find out this Thursday, February 19th at 7pm ET, when Quirky partners with Cooper Union’s Invention Factory to bring eight student-generated ideas to our Product Evaluation. Sliding suitcases, a bike helmet + lock combo, next-level picture mounts—these are just a few […]

Light the way: Introducing… Track!

Sick of adjusting your work light with every step you take? Meet Track, the light that follows you! Track communicates with a band you wear on your wrist, so when you move, it moves. The wristband also features a power button, making sure you’re always in control. Gone are the days of starting and stopping […]

4 tips for shooting your product like a pro

Kristen Rodgers, Quirky’s Head of Photography, shares her tips and tricks for shooting your next great invention like a pro: Use a simple background Shooting against a white wall, foam core, or a piece of clean, seamless paper is ideal. It helps make your product the hero of the shot and shows it off without […]

Go behind the scenes with the photo team

At Quirky, we have a talented team of shutterbugs that handles all of our in-house photography. Ever wonder how they pull off the eye-catching visuals on our site, packaging, and beyond? Me too! So, I sat down with Kristen Rodgers, our Head of Photography, for a glimpse behind the curtain camera of some of her […]

Work your core and more: Introducing… Axle!

Overrun with exercise equipment? Meet Axle, the modular dumbbell system that doubles as an ab roller. Its got five different weight configurations so you can personalize your sweat session. Plus, pop on the wheel attachment and you can work your core like never before. Inventor Ryan Anderson wanted to spice up his exercise routine while […]

Quirky Town Meeting: Tuesday, February 17th

Save the date: Our next Town Meeting will be Tuesday, February 17th at 5pm on Quirky.com/live! What’s a Town Meeting, you ask? During this live broadcast, Ben Kaufman, Quirky’s founder and CEO, will bring the community up to speed on what we’ve been up to and where we’re going. Also, we’re just closing our books […]

Make your landmark: Introducing… CityScapes!

Got a budding explorer on your hands? Foster your kid’s wanderlust and architectural appreciation with CityScapes. This educational kit includes a set of magnetic building blocks, illustrated guides, and an interactive app. Using the guides and blocks, your little one will be able construct small-scale versions of famous landmarks from around the globe. When they’re […]

We’re moving! Forums, that is

Wednesday’s the day—we’re moving Quirky’s conversation space onto bigger and better forums software! Internet forums are conversation spaces for people to gather virtually and share thoughts, ideas, and experiences. Specifically for Quirky, the forums are a place for community members to discuss new ideas, emerging technologies, navigating the Quirky process, and everything in between. We […]

Stream your screen: Introducing… Mira!

Ever wanted to play your favorite iPhone games or watch a movie on a screen that’s bigger than your hand? With Mira you can do just that! This portable projector wirelessly connects to your phone and streams whatever’s on your screen right onto the wall. Plus, it comes with a laser pointer so you can […]

Introducing…The Quirkies!

It’s award season! Instead of celebrating movies or actors, we’re giving inventors the recognition they deserve. Introducing The Quirkies: awards for a variety of achievements in the field of invention. And like everything else, we had you to be a part of the selection process. Thank you for helping us honor the wacky, underrated, and truly game-changing inventors […]

Get to the root of it: Introducing… Sprig!

Now you can water your garden without ever bending over. That’s because Sprig features a funnel that you can directly pour water into. Even better, perforations at the end of the stake distribute water evenly around the plant’s roots. Vincent Vedie wanted a simpler, more streamlined way to manage his garden, so he invented Sprig. […]

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