We’re moving! Forums, that is

Wednesday’s the day—we’re moving Quirky’s conversation space onto bigger and better forums software! Internet forums are conversation spaces for people to gather virtually and share thoughts, ideas, and experiences. Specifically for Quirky, the forums are a place for community members to discuss new ideas, emerging technologies, navigating the Quirky process, and everything in between. We […]

Stream your screen: Introducing… Mira!

Ever wanted to play your favorite iPhone games or watch a movie on a screen that’s bigger than your hand? With Mira you can do just that! This portable projector wirelessly connects to your phone and streams whatever’s on your screen right onto the wall. Plus, it comes with a laser pointer so you can […]

Introducing…The Quirkies!

It’s award season! Instead of celebrating movies or actors, we’re giving inventors the recognition they deserve. Introducing The Quirkies: awards for a variety of achievements in the field of invention. And like everything else, we had you to be a part of the selection process. Thank you for helping us honor the wacky, underrated, and truly game-changing inventors […]

Get to the root of it: Introducing… Sprig!

Now you can water your garden without ever bending over. That’s because Sprig features a funnel that you can directly pour water into. Even better, perforations at the end of the stake distribute water evenly around the plant’s roots. Vincent Vedie wanted a simpler, more streamlined way to manage his garden, so he invented Sprig. […]

Flex to fill: Introducing… Swivel!

Mopping the floor… could anything be more tedious? Fortunately, Swivel is here to soften the blow. This mop features a funnel in the handle that allows water to flow through it, so you can fill any bucket from practically any sink—all while the bucket remains on the floor. A rotating mechanism built into the handle […]

Inventor story: Michael Taylor

Michael Taylor is a veteran community member who joined Quirky in the early days. So we were especially excited to get to know him better when he stopped by the Quirky offices in NYC for the launch of his three (!) Quirky+GE smart products: Tapt, Outlink, and Overflow. Of course, we got the scoop on […]

It’s time to charge: Introducing… Chrono!

Attention, gear freaks: Here’s a protective travel case and charging dock for your Moto 360. Featuring a strong leather case, Chrono protects your watch while it charges. Plus, it’s got a discreet LED indicator light so you’ll always know when your watch is fully charged. Want to display your watch? You’re in luck: The case […]

The smart chime: Introducing… Ding!

A smart door chime? Imagine the possibilities. Ding can trigger actions (like turning on the porch light or making smart bulbs flicker when pressed). It can notify you through push notifications, texts, tones, or a pulsed light when someone comes a-chimin’. Add additional units to hear the door chime in multiple rooms. Feeling festive? Set the chime to […]

The switchless light switch: Introducing… Flick!

Flick is a light switch that you can turn on and off by simply swiping your hand through the air. The system blends seamlessly into your decor and incorporates smart technology, letting you adjust your lights from anywhere in the world. Installation is simple, and the switch itself is all but invisible. Still, you’ll never have […]

How to make 3D renders

This blog post comes to you from one of our very own community members: Brandon Murray! An active member since May 2012, Brandon’s submitted 712 ideas (!!) and influenced nearly 450 (!!!). Since Brandon’s a self-taught 3D renderer, we asked him to write a piece on modeling for beginners—take it away, Brandon!  Whether you’d like […]

Community Spotlight: Cardboard Prototypes

In December, we launched an Invention Challenge to submit a cardboard prototype along with your idea submission. Here’s the handy How To video. Considering the amount of work it takes to make a prototype, we were pleasantly surprised with 50 submissions! We were so impressed, we had to share some of the community’s work. Here’s […]

More air, less noise: Introducing… Ario!

  Window fans are annoying: They’re loud, clunky, and barely get the job done. Fortunately, Ario clusters a bunch of smaller fans together to create a silken symphony of silence. The volume of air Ario produces is similar to that of a larger, noisier fan, but the smooth surfaces don’t interrupt the air stream, reducing unnecessary […]

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