Freeze the perfect float: Introducing… Float!

It should’ve been the perfect root beer float… but you added too much ice cream and not enough soda. Now you’re up the creek with an inferior treat. Float lets you master this subtle art every time. Simply fill Float’s glass with melted ice cream, add the insert, and toss the glass into the freezer. Once the ice […]

Gearing Up for Halloween with Karen-Fly

It’s October, which means it’s time to break out the sweaters and boots, go apple picking, and of course, gear up for Halloween. It’s also the perfect opportunity to catch up with community member Karen-Fly, a costume designer with a fascination in with All Hallows’ Eve. Here’s what she had to say about her favorite […]

The light you listen to: Introducing… Lightcast!

Some products are born overachievers. A light bulb, speaker, and app-enabled intercom in one, Lightcast does everything short of Shiatsu massage. An inventive way to simplify your space, this LED light bulb features a powerful speaker built into its center, perfect for blasting all your favorite jams. Connect the device to your smartphone and—bada-bing!—it turns […]

Meet 3D Hubs

In an effort to exchange ideas about the product development process, we’ve been co-hosting regular Meetup events with local tech companies. Most recently, we teamed up with 3D Hubs, a service that connects makers with 3D printers in their area. We asked Max van Oirschot, one of 3D Hub’s staff writers, to explain how 3D […]

Shield your outlets: Introducing…Breaker!

Breaker turns any outlet into a safer GFCI outlet without any rewiring. Simply retrofit your existing outlets with Breaker to prevent your little ones from dangerous accidents caused by sticking objects into the socket. Dario Ferreira knew there had to be a way to child-proof outlets without hiring an electrician. He invented Breaker, and thanks […]

Reach your ride: Introducing…Startup!

Hit the road with Startup, the electric car extension cord. Its got a retractable 25-foot cord, meaning you have the freedom to park where you want and still charge up. Plus, its two standard adapters work in tons of locations, so you’ll never worry about a dead battery. Zoli Honig, inventor of Cyclone, knew that […]

Quirky 2.0: Our Visual Design Process

Terry Newman, our Digital Creative Director, is hard at work rethinking every page of the brand-new site with the entire Platform team. I sat down with him for a sneak peek at the upcoming platform and to get some insight into the thought process behind it: Visually redesigning the platform is a huge undertaking… […]

Let baking season begin with Bake Shapes recipes

We’re ushering in fall with three festive cupcakes made with Bake Shapes. Cook up your own pumpkin pie, toasted s’mores, or smoked maple bacon confections by following the recipes below. Share your own seasonal creations with #BakeShapes on Instagram and Twitter. Bake Shapes Recipe: Pumpkin Pie An orange-spiced cupcake topped with cream cheese icing and […]

It takes the cake: Introducing… Basin!

Say cheese… cake! Make the perfect dessert every time with Basin, a double-walled, leak-proof cheesecake pan that simplifies the baking process. Instead of wrapping your pan in aluminum foil and submerging it in a separate pan of water, Basin has a built-in water reservoir and drain plug so you can avoid a messy cleanup. Bakers […]

Meet the Community Members: The New Influence Council

Last February Ben announced the formation of the Influence Council to resolve similar submission claims.  The council is made up of both staff and community members.  The inaugural group included: Constantine, Marc R, Elizabeth Wingfield, and Yell.  This week we welcome a new set of community members to the council and wanted to introduce them […]

The toothbrush tripod: Introducing…Storigami!

Travel smart with Storigami, the hygienic toothbrush case that folds into a stand so you can keep your bristles away from countertop germs. Unlike traditional toothbrush cases, Storigami is well-ventilated and sits in a stable upright position that allows excess water to drain. Your mouth will thank you. Inventor Richard Everett wanted to protect his […]

A new spin on pops: Introducing…GoPop!

You’ll be the hit of your next picnic or party with GoPop! This human-powered popsicle maker uses simple science to stay cold for hours to churn out all the ice pops you can eat. Place the pop molds and tray into the bucket, then fill the bucket with ice, rock salt, and water. Pour the […]

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