Play as you put away: Introducing…Chomper!

Playtime is fun. Cleanup is not. Or is it? Meet Chomper, the storage solution for toys that doubles as a game your kids will love. This large plastic box looks like an animal so your kids will have fun feeding toys right into its mouth. Its also equipped with a timer, sound-effects, and a point […]

Quirky 2.0: Collaborate Before Eval

Quirky 2.0 is chugging right along! To recap, we’ve announced that collaboration will be the cornerstone of the new platform. An emphasis on team submissions will allow community members to effectively use the resources of our ever-expanding network of knowledge, skills, and expertise. In order to encourage more mature and refined idea submissions, we’ve decided […]

A look inside GE’s Global Research Center

We took a trip to GE’s Global Research Center to see how our friends and partners stay on top of today’s cutting-edge technology. What did we learn? Prototype! Prototype! Prototype! Even when they’re working on big projects—like Baxter, a robot designed to pick up surgical instruments—they always start small. “We always build prototypes when we […]

Meet the Community Member

We’re constantly looking for ways to highlight community members. In this new blog series we’ll be shining the spotlight on a new community member every week.  A wise man once…well often said that “we are all community”. To embrace that sentiment we’ll be featuring Quirky veterans, newbies, inventors, influencers, and Q staff. For this inaugural […]

Spray to spice: Introducing…Presto!

With Presto, the spice is right. This kitchen essential allows you to evenly distribute spice on your food with a single pump. Fill the sprayer with your favorite spice, twist shut, and spray away! Determined to turn up the heat in the kitchen, inventor Jo P. invented Presto with the help of 976 community influencers. […]

You can count on it: Introducing…Ref!

It’s time to settle the score. Introducing Ref, the app-enabled scorekeeper that makes sure every point counts. Perfect for any sport or friendly competition, Ref features a wristband that allows a player to quickly and easily score the game while a board  displays the score in real time. Now you can keep your head in […]

Pinpoint your property: Introducing…Tracer!

Tired of constantly misplacing your keys or wondering where you left your backpack? With Tracer, you can forget it. Simply attach this tracker to your belongings and view its location from anywhere on your mobile app. You can’t lose! With the help of 1,143 community influencers, electronic engineer HighQ thought up the perfect solution for […]

We know what you did this #QuirkySummer…

From BBQs to beach days, this summer was jam-packed with sunshine and carefree fun. Along the way, we asked you to document your summer experiences with #QuirkySummer. Now—as our favorite season comes to end—let’s celebrate some of the snapshots that caught our eye! Week 1 winner: Kickoff to a cool summer Week 2 winner: Celebrate […]

Keeps your washer drier: Introducing… AirDry!

Is there anything better than the smell of fresh laundry? Don’t let a dirty washing machine cramp your style. Mildew and mold growth can ruin your clothes and leave them dirtier than before. Enter AirDry, the door prop that allows air to circulate and evaporate remaining water so your machine is ready for laundry day. […]

Meet the Inventors

Last week with Andre at the Eval helm we discussed six new ideas and selected two for development.  Here is a little more on the masterminds behind the chosen ideas. Diana W has been with Quirky for about a year and a half.  She lives in the Netherlands in a small town between The Hague […]

Four-alarm fun: Introducing…Spout!

Sound the sirens! Introducing Spout, the child-sized electric fire truck that your kids can drive around the backyard. Spray water at friends and put out imaginary fires with the refillable water tank and connected hose. It’s your little firefighter-in-training’s dream come true! Inventor Thrifty wanted kids to give kids a shot behind the wheel so […]

Chill, heat, eat: Introducing… CoolOven!

Your kitchen is about to get cooler. Introducing CoolOven, the all-in-one appliance that keeps doughs, batters, and meats cold until you’re ready to bake! CoolOven combines the refrigeration features of a thermoelectric cooler and the baking ability of a toaster oven. Now you can prep in the morning, set the timer, and have fresh, hot […]

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