Harness your haul: Introducing… Stronghold!

Ever been driving behind a pickup truck loaded with topsy-turvy cargo that’s about to go overboard? Then you’ll get behind the idea of Stronghold, too. Most tie-down straps on the market provide few options for combining cords and controlling tension. Stronghold’s central innovation is the inclusion of loops that let you determine the length of each […]

The best and worst video pitches ever

Fact: People spend 100% more time on pages with videos than on those without. And on Quirky, a video in your submission translates to twice as much facetime with those who view it. That can only help your chances at being a Quirky inventor, right? Right! We’ve taken the liberty to create two video pitches […]

Invention on the Street: Halloween Dog Parade

Goblins, ghouls, and pomeranians dressed like pumpkins—that’s what Halloween is all about, right? Right. So to get in the spooky spirit, we sent Anna, our Invention on the Street correspondent, to the 24th annual Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade. Along the way she encountered canine cowboys, four-legged freaks, and puppy princesses. In between oohs […]

More juice, less mess: Introducing… CitriPour!

We’re majorly juiced about CitriPour, the handheld juicer that makes OJ prep splat-free. To use, simply insert half an orange (or your preferred citrus fruit), press down hard several times, and soon fresh juice will be ready to be poured from the spout. When the ball inside is flipped 180˚, CitriPour becomes a reamer, so you can […]

5 teen inventors that are changing the world

Lately, we’ve been noticing quite a few impressive inventions coming from young minds. These ambitious teens are solving some pretty big problems, and they’re well on their way to changing the world for the better. Like we’ve always said, when it comes to inventing, age ain’t nothing but a number. 1) Inspired by his grandfather, […]

Be aware of your air: Introducing… Airwave!

Radiation! Carbon monoxide! Propane! In a dangerous world, Airwave is truly a breath of fresh air. Place this connected sensor anyplace in the house where oxygen quality is a concern. Is cigarette smoke wafting into the baby’s room from next door? Is gas steadily slithering out of the stove? When the sensor’s light is blue, […]

Chills cans, not hands: Introducing… Isolator!

It’s a familiar scene at any tailgate party: The beer is cold, but the sandwiches are soggy, and sad faces abound. Thankfully, Isolator is here to save the day. This ice cooler’s clever design incorporates a metal tin that separates food and drink from ice and water. Simply line the inside of the cooler with […]

Get weird before you get real

David Cole is our head of retail store design and experience. He’s in charge of bringing the Quirky brand to physical life, from events to in-store displays. It’s a tough job with unique challenges and it requires an immense amount of creativity to stay a step ahead of the competition. Recently, David and his team […]

Fight for the light: Introducing… Conquest!

Talk about a game changer. Gather up your rowdiest friends for a round of Conquest, a high-tech update of two popular pastimes: Capture the Flag and Capture the Base. In the former, the flag lights up red or blue to indicate which team is currently on guard. It turns purple when intercepted by a crafty […]

4 quick tips for perfecting your invention pitch

If you’re serious about your invention, you should be just as serious about your submission. But getting your idea down on paper is one of the toughest parts of being an inventor. Staring at a blank submission page can be a bit daunting, so we’ve put together some easy tips for crafting a polished pitch […]

A Sound Connection: Introducing… Vivo!

Welcome to your new command center. Vivo is a smart home audio system that wirelessly streams music, operates as an intercom, and keeps you abreast of the world around you. It’s got two detachable wireless speakers attached to a base, which also functions as a wireless hub. Plus, its touchscreen interface pings you with real-time […]

Defuse or lose: Introducing… Blast!

Mess with the best, get drenched like the rest. That’s Blast’s motto. A splashy take on the “disarm” sequence from online games, Blast is a transparent globe that features a ring of eight colorful LED lights and four powerful spray jets. There are several modes of gameplay, but ultimately the rules are simple: As the lights […]

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