I hate the sound of cutting styrofoam in the morning…

But am super pumped about our product prototypes!

quirky men at work

We Did It!

We reached our 250 unit pre-sales threshold on the DigiDude! This one’s off to be manufactured now too… Remember your credit cards won’t be charged till we ship.

Introducing Watt Time – Light Bulb Shaped Alarm Clock

New York, NY, August 25, 2009 — Today marks the official release of Watt Time – a community designed, light bulb shaped alarm clock. Watt Time is such a great design that you may be convinced to stop using your smart phone’s alarm clock. Put down your iPhones and Blackberrys pe Read More...

Oh, we’re halfway there…whoa-oh…

Half way to threshold on the DigiDude: portable camera tripod and keychain. help us sell the second 125 so we can make this thing! commit here.

International shipping coming soon

we know it’s been a bit frustrating for all you international users not able to commit to our products, yet. We are finishing this addition and it should be implemented very shortly. If you’ve emailed tinydino about this before, tiny will send you a personal note back, but we’ll also be sure to publicize this on our blog/twitter as well! thanks for your patience!

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