Cash In On Quirky’s Black Friday Deals

Gobble, Gobble Quirks.   For those of you in the US we hope you enjoyed your day of Thanks.    We have a lot to be thankful here at quirky, and to show our gratitude we’ve decided to throw our hat into the black friday ring with some absurd & exciting deals that are sure to kick things up a notch.     We h Read More...

A Happy Scholen Family

A Little Love From Around The Web

“i’ve never regretted being a PC person so much until I saw this little thing… what a great idea. Macs have the best little accessories. I can honestly say it is “teh awesomesauce” — theolane

DigiDude – The latest to roll off the manufacturing lines

                      For those who have pre-ordered mat poprocki’s digidudes:  check your inbox for your order finalization email.   Digidude is on it’s way to HQ for fulfillment, and we should have it in your hands shortly after the thanksgiving holiday.   Congratulations to all for bringing yet another product all the way from sketch to store!  

PowerCurl: Now Shipping

Check out our progress as-it-happens over at our fresh new flickr account. Quirky HQ has been transformed into a temporary warehouse as we attempt to ship all 1200+ powercurl orders that have piled up over the past few weeks. Shipments are going out in the order of which the orders were received, so please be Read More...

Beamer Hits Threshold!

Another product moves to production. We hit our pre-sales threshold of 500 units and we’ve moved Beamer into production. Go Jenny Tyler and all of our Beamer influences! Off to the factory with our 5th product!

Qubicles Hits Quirky’s Online Store

quirky’s qubicles are a modular shelf system – great for storage of your favorite books, pictures, CD’s, collectables and more. qubicles is sold in sets of 3 cubes but feel free to buy as many sets as you’d like – all sets are interchangeable with one another. Each set comes with an easy to follow assembly Read More...

Beamer Hits Quirky’s Online Store

Beamer has hit the store! $32 to purchase it in pre-sales and our threshold is 500. Go get ‘em quirks! quirky’s Beamer is an iphone case with a built in light. This light can dual function as a flash for your iphone’s camera as well as a light for use whenever you see fit – Dropped something under the table Read More...

85W Long vs 85W

For those of you selecting your PowerCurl SKU: we realize there was some question about which version to select and what we meant by “older generation.” Here is a picture that helps differentiate the 85WLong versus the 85W. Notice the 85WLong is more rectangular. Email with any further questions!

PowerCurl… Ready For Liftoff

Hello All - The PowerCurl order finalization emails have been sent out! Click the link in your email to review your order, pick the PowerCurl size that meets your fancy, and ensure that your billing and shipping order details are correct. We’ll be ready to ship these out quite shortly. Boooyah.

StashCan Hits quirky’s Online Store

StashCan is now up for pre-sale! Commit for $54.00 and earn some more influence! We’ve got to pre-sell 1870 units of this thing before we move it into production. The threshold is high due to the sheer size of the product which results in increase capital required to mass produce this product. Let’s go qui Read More...

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