A Quirky CNBC Appearence

Check Your Mailbox

      Merry Chrismahanukwanzakah While we wish a Merry Chrismahanuwanzakah to everyone all around the world, this message goes out specifically to US customers/members: Check your mail. Not your email. Your real, physical, delivered by the dude/dudetette in blue type of mail. We’ve sent out a bit of holiday awesome… which we hope everyone will appreciate. Much Love, The quirky team

An Interview With Stephen Stewart

As we always do when a product moves into manufacturing – it’s time to hear a few words from Stephen Stewart the original ideator behind Cordies – our on your desk cable management system 1. When did you think of the idea for Cordies? There’s a little glass stand I have on my desk for my iPhone. I had used it t Read More...

Glow ‘n Go Hits Quirky’s Online Store

Glow ‘n Go is availble for pre-sale – Commit now for $29! We need 605 pre-sale commitments to move this product into production. Glow ‘n Go is a portable night light for children with a built in clock and alarm. The Glow ‘n Go acts as the perfect tool to help your children navigate any dark h Read More...

Inside Quirky HQ During A 24 Hour Throwdown

PanoAwesome, originally uploaded by QuirkyDotCom. Micah Spear, our faithful Design Intern & Photographer did a great job of capturing the events that unfolded on Monday. Take a Peek Over At Our Flickr Page

Quirky Products Make Great Holiday Gifts

If you are planning to give quirky products as holiday gifts keep in mind that we can ship PowerCurl DigiDude, and Split Stick immediately. As you may already be aware, Beamer, Scratch-n-Scroll, and Cordies will not arrive on time. If you’d still like to give Beamer, Scratch-n-Scroll, or Cordies as a holid Read More...

Petal Drops Hits Quirky’s Online Store – Designed in 24 hours!

We did it – another 24 design success! Thanks to everyone who participated and stayed awake with us. Petal Drops is available for $4.50 in pre-sales. Commit now! Designed by the Quirky Community in just 24 hours, Petal Drops is a flower shaped funnel that fits on top of standard threaded Read More...

Developing A Green Product in 24 Hours | Quick & Quirky 12/7/09

Today, while world leaders gather in Copenhagen, the quirky community will show the world the positive impact of eco-efficient product design & collaboration. Quick & Quirky, our (somewhat) monthly attempt to do the impossible… develop an entire product in 24 hours. This time we set ou Read More...

An Interview With Jenny Tyler

As we always do when a product moves into manufacturing – it’s time to hear a few words from Jenny Tyler the original ideator behind the Beamer – our iphone case with build in light. Below is an interview with Jenny: 1. When did you think of the idea for the Beamer? I was chatting with a few friends ab Read More...

Cordies Hit Threshold!

As of a couple of minutes ago, cordies, quirky’s on your desk cable management system, has hit its pre-sales threshold. This is quirky’s 6th product off to manufacturing. That’s awesome, quirks! Congrats to Stephen Stewart and all cordies’ influencers. We will keep you posted and give manufacturing updates Read More...

Yogurt By You Hits Quirky’s Online Store

As you may have seen Yogurt By You, at home yogurt making kit, hit quirky’s online store over the thanksgiving holiday. We’ve already presold 118 and we need to get to 640. Commit today to take advantage of the black friday sale. Remember all pre-sale products are 10 % off until tonight at 11:59 pm est.

DigiDude Instructions

Hello quirks, We’re excited to get the DigiDudes into you hands over the next couple of days. Here is a video explaining how your DigiDude functions as a tripod. Of course let us know if you have any questions!

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