2011, Here We Come!!

It’s been an amazing year, dear Quirks, and we’re looking forward to continuing the amazingness in 2011. Here’s our holiday weekend sched: Sat, Jan 1 – Quirky office is closed Sun, Jan 2 – The community team will be online, but not in the office Happy New Year’s!!!

We’re a’Clickin’ & a’Cookin’

It’s a rough life here at Quirky. A surprise holiday gift arrived from Mister Fred Ende, ideator of the popular holiday gift, Click ‘n Cook. We did our best to wait until the rest of the team was back in the office, but a week is a long time to wait for delicious cinnamon bun waffles and pancakes. So we busted out Read More...

CES Product Development Update #2

We’re making great progress on Product 81, the speakers we will be debuting at CES. Upon posting the original CMF options, we read through the comments and found that they were very in favor of a neutral color palette. The reasoning was clear: we needed a product that worked in any context. For this reason we pick Read More...

Extended Ideation For 87 & 88

Quirkaholics may have noticed the updated countdown clocks on our Invent page. We are collecting ideas for one additional week for general product round 87 and shoe organization round 88. That’s one more week to gather your thoughts, learn from our eval recap videos, and submit your genius ideas. Make us proud!

Snow Way!

I was dreaming of a white Christmas, but I guess the storm front overslept. NYC has been hit with a major blizzard, and we’re telling all Quirky team members to stay home if that’s the safest course of action. The community team will be representin’ online, and you can reach us by email at questions@quirky.com, so all will be Read More...

Merry Saturday!

We’ve worked hard to deliver our very best, and now we’re taking a day off to receive. Happy holidays to one and all!

Product Eval Recap: 82 & 83

Ben and Gaz break down the results of Product 82 and Product 83 evaluation on Ustream.

CES Product Development Update

Quirky is making great progress on the CES speakers! At present we are riffing off a few of our favorites from the Refine Phase. We have been looking at how people introduce sound into their everyday lives, and we have seen a common theme and great opportunity for this product. The humble cell phone has, for many people, r Read More...

Production Report #4: Sling Back

Sling Back Highlights: - Three weeks ago, we received T1 samples (the first shots off the manufacturing tool) for the small and medium versions of Sling Back. - We found that the tolerances on those versions weren’t lined up. We now have our engineers in China working to make sure that the springs and plastic part Read More...

Introducing… Lumi

Don’t let our Flash Sale overshadow our Flash Light! Lumi was the dream of Brian Wethington, and with the help of more than 653 community members, we’ve brought it to life. Lumi is now available in the Quirky store for $29.95 presale ($34.95 retail) with a threshold of 1250. Lumi is a battery-powered flashlight and lantern Read More...

Free 2-Day Shipping On Orders Over $20!

Do you hear what I hear? ‘Cause I hear that Quirky’s having another raging sale.

Now Shipping: Space Bar!

A couple minutes ago, Nikki shouted out that Space Bars are officially out the door, and the whole office cheered (starting with a slow clap, of course). It’s been a long journey since Space Bar hit threshold in March, and we are so, SO excited to get this one out into the world. A big congrats to ideator Mike Cavada!

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