Introducing Quirky Pro

Hey Quirks! Today we’re launching a new program called Quirky Pro.  What is Quirky Pro?  It is a yearly membership that gives you the following benefits: - UNLIMITED idea submissions for an entire year – One guaranteed idea to be placed into “Under Consideration” – Quirky Pro Kit filled w/ Quirky Swag – A bad Read More...

Behind the scenes at QHQ: Community Testing Packathon

In the past two months we’ve shipped out 844 products for community testing. Despite cardboard box cuts and tape gun attacks, we’re not slowing down.

Hey there, I’m Josh!

Hi Everyone! It’s no secret that I’ve wanted the chance to work for Quirky since the first week I stumbled upon the site. This blog post essentially proves that tenacity and passion pay off! I am writing this blog post today from my workstation at QHQ, and I couldn’t be more excited! I am joining the amazing Tech Tea Read More...

Celebrating Women’s History Month: Margaret Knight

For our final Women’s History Month installment, we want to introduce you to one of the US’s first female patent holders: Margaret E. Knight was born in York, Maine in 1838. She received little schooling, but started work in local factories at an early age. It was the height of the Industrial Revolution Read More...

We’re Making This.. Cargo

Cargo is moving into production!  Our retailers are confident in the product.  Take a look at it in the Upcoming Section and help us determine the price, by playing the Pricing Game. Congratulations to Laura Doty and all of the 71 community members that helped influence the product!

Do you suffer from Hand Arthritis or Carpal Tunnel? We want your input.

It’s time to dive into some design research for the plug pull and we’d like to tap in to the power of our community. We’re looking for local (New York area) community members who suffer from hand/wrist disabilities causing them to have difficulties pushing and pullin Read More...

Live Eval Returns Tonight! (7pm ET)

Don’t forget that tonight at 7pm ET we’ll once again be streaming our weekly product evaluation meeting LIVE on our Ustream channel. Tune in to see how things unfold on our quest to crown new Quirky inventors! Watch it live, here at 7pm ET.

Guard Your Goodies: Introducing…Pixies

With Pixies, you can have your cake and eat it too. These toothpicks have a plastic top that suspends aluminum foil or plastic wrap over the top of a meal, keeping your food out of harm’s way. Unlike plain old toothpicks, Pixies won’t pierce your covering and ruin your food’s taste or aesthetic. For the true Read More...

Production Update: Vine

We’re giving you a behind the scenes look at what’s going on inside Quirky HQ. Today we’ve got a production update on Product #272: Vine.

How to: Collaboration Tools!

Hi all! While you’re evaluating your fellow inventors’ ideas you’ve probably thought: “There’s something missing here and I know what it is!”  Now, you can help your peers hone their ideas by using the Collaborative Suggestion tool: a new part of Quirky that lets you submit great suggestions to id Read More...

We’re Making This.. Slimline

Slimline is moving into production!  Our retailers are confident in the product.  Take a look at it in the Upcoming Section and help us determine the price, by playing the Pricing Game. Congratulations to Leanne Luce and all of the 527 community members that helped influence the product!

Influence for Similar Ideas

As we have made changes to our process to address the issue of similar submissions, we have attempted to create a system that protects people who submit unprecedented ideas. We now have a mechanism for surfacing ideas that are similar to those we place Under Consideration. We review these similar ideas, and if it is determine Read More...

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