Rip The Strip. Introducing… Rip Cord

Rip Cord is a simple improvement upon the classic roll of packaging tape. This tape has a small string running down the center of the tape. The user pulls the string to separate the tape in half. This makes opening boxes a cinch, as there is no longer a need for scissors, knives, or keys. […]

Invention Picks of The Week!

Rick Petek owns a material tooling company in Elyria, Ohio. In Rick’s shop they have over 100 pneumatic connects and miles of hose for use in operating a variety of pneumatic power tools. These tools include such things as nail guns, brad guns, staple guns, sanders, polishers, die tools, sand blast equipment and pain Read More...

Closed for Crates and some R&R

In addition to observing Memorial Day this coming Monday, we’ll be heading to Vermont on Tuesday morning to witness the production of the first Crates. We will be out of the office on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and unable to answer the phones during this time, but Baron and I will be doing our best […]

An interview with Slice Inventor, Gregg Huberty.

With Slice having just launched in the Quirky store, we thought we’d check in with inventor, Gregg Huberty, to discuss his experience having his idea go from sketch to store. Tell us a little bit about yourself. I was born and raised in Chicago and now live in Bolingbrook. I have one son, 19, and an ten ye Read More...

Brainstorm Aftermath and Recap

Below are the results from this week’s Brainstorm session, featuring the collaborative work of our designers, invention ambassadors, and community members (click either image for a larger version): Product 309: Better Balance Board Product 306: Measuring Pasta Tweezer The full feed for the brainstorm can be viewed here Read More...

A Rubber Band + A Clip. Introducing… Carabandits

Today we’re launching the second product in the Bandits family, Carabandits. Not only do Carabandits function like normal Bandits, its additional features opens it up to much more uses and possibilities. The carabiner offers a larger, more secure hook that provides peace of mind that your objects are safe from unhooking and falling. One end of […]

This Date In History: Demian patents the Accordion

Cyrill Demian is credited by many with the invention of the accordion, due to the Austrian patent he was awarded for it on this day in 1829. In reality, the iconic instrument’s basic form made its first appearance in 1822, when German instrument maker Christian Friedrich Buschmann added expanding bellows to a portable keyboard. This […]

This Week’s Brainstorm Preview

Another week, another brainstorm: ain’t it grand when a plan comes together? The two new topics that will be discussed this Wednesday (6pm EST) are: - Better Balance Board - Measuring Pasta Tweezers If you’re new to brainstorms, allow us to explain. Every week, QDS blows a few product ideas wide open to kick off the Read More...

Quirky + GE: Milking Maker Faire for All It’s Worth

This past weekend, a crack team of Quirky designers and engineers left New York to head to Maker Faire Bay Area. There, at the GE Garages, they were tasked with developing and building the prototype for the Smart Milk Jug in front of a live (and captivated) audience. Saturday started with a live brainstorm Read More...

The Wright Brothers and their Flying Machine

The Wright brothers were granted US Patent 821393 on this day in 1906, three years after they famously filed their application for a “Flying Machine”. Ironically, this patent was for their non-powered 1902 glider, but its importance lies in its claim to a new method of controlling aircraft, whether they are powered or not. This […]

Charm Your Phone: Introducing…Blingits

With mobile phones increasingly looking the same, one wonders how they can set theirs apart and avoid the inevitable mishap of mistaken ownership. Fret no more! Today we’re happy to introduce Blingits, a handy phone accessory that sticks a little personalisation to your device. While differentiation has traditionally been accomplished with bulky cases that envelop […]

Invention Picks of The Week!

Maureen Collins from Pearl River, NY works with children in preschool who are learning how to write letters, their names, and words. A lot of times she encourages students to write on their art projects, worksheets, and materials used in class. She found herself tediously drawing dashes which were inconsistent and sloppy w Read More...

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