This Week’s Brainstorm Preview

This week, the Quirky Design Staff have been firing on all cylinders, so we hope that you guys are ready to get down for another awesome brainstorm! The two new topics that will be discussed this Wednesday (6pm EST) are: - Custom Nail Polish Mixing Machine - Vehicle Shoe Cleaner If you’re new to brainstorms, allow us […]

Hey Quirky… What’s the Deal with Influence, Anyway?

With the recent influx in new members, the Community Team has been receiving a ton of questions regarding influence: how it works, how it’s distributed, and what you can do to earn it. We’re currently working on a major update to the Quirky Learn page, which will cover these subjects in greater detail, but here’s […]

Press Without Stress: Introducing… Sockets

Push-ups may be a workout staple —it’s hard to imagine a Hollywood training montage without them— but even the most elementary concepts have room for improvement. While simple and convenient, push-ups also bend and compress the wrist, increasing fatigue and the risk of injury. Quirky’s Sockets solve this problem definitively: based on the ball and […]

Happy Birthday to an Automotive Legend

149 years ago today, one of the world’s most influential industrialists came into the world. Born on his family farm near Dearborn Michigan, this model entrepreneur left his humble beginnings and became synonymous with American innovation and technology, his name adorning over 15% of automobiles driven in the United States today. Who was this influential […]

Invention Picks of the Week!

Michael Taylor is an IT Project Manager and long time Quirky community member from Canton, Georgia. His daughter is on the local swim team. Every time Michael and his daughter go to a swim meet he has to mark her up with a Sharpie for her meet schedule. She also likes to have team spirit things drawn on her. All the kids g Read More...

A Communiqué from Jenny Drinkard

Wow, has Crates gotten off to a great start since its launch! Between the crazy surprise announcement, helping with manufacturing in Vermont, jumping into the mix as a design intern (dream come true!), and watching enthusiasm grow for the project, this has been one of the coolest experiences of my life! A big thanks to everyone […]

How Do You Crate?

Over the past two weeks we’re sure some of you have wondered why we made such an event out of mapping the location of Target stores that carry Crates. While we were partly motivated by the tidal wave of requests we have received regarding where Crates are available for purchase, we also wanted to make […]

Weekly Recap: 7/23 – 7/27

This week in the world of Quirky, our friends at Apartment Therapy ran a fun review of Props and included Power Curl in a story called “3 Things Every Tech Lover Should Keep in their Bag”. The Associated Press picked up a Las Vegas Review Journal piece about Back to School necessities that featured Pivot Power as one of Read More...

Reinventing the Olympics: How Emerging Tech Will Transform the London Games

The Olympics are by no means unfamiliar with cutting-edge tech: as one of the world’s biggest (and most expensive) exhibitions, the two entities pretty much go hand in hand. From the lightning fast Lotus 108 pursuit bike unveiled at Barcelona in 1992, to the LZR Racer swim suits that drove 25 new world records in […]

We’re Making This.. Carabandits

Carabandits is moving into production!  Our retailers are confident in the product.  Take a look at it in the Upcoming Section and help us determine the price, by playing the Pricing Game. Congratulations to Marc Zech , Danon Seletkovic who submitted this line extention of the original Bandits and all of the 2,582 community members that helped influence […]

Wrap Around Relief: Introducing…Freeze Flex

Despite their usefulness in treating injuries, ice packs can be awkward. They don’t stay in place, are too cold to hold for prolonged periods of time, do not conform to the part of your body that is injured, and they are difficult to store. Meet Freeze Flex, the solution to all these problems. Its fabric […]

Brainstorm Aftermath and Recap

Below are the results from this week’s Brainstorm session, featuring the coordinated collaborative concoctions of our designers, invention ambassadors, and community members (click either image for a larger version): Product 336: Dot Pattern Pen Product 342: Digital Tape Measure The full feed for the brainstorm can be viewed here: Video streaming by Ustream That’s the […]

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