Weekly Recap: 9/22 – 9/28

It’s Friday, which means you’re in for another installment of the weekly recap. This week was a little bit quieter than the last couple have been, but we’re still busting at the seams with news. In the media world, Quirky Apple accessories continue to make headlines. Crossover was featured in an Apple accessory lin Read More...

Production Update: Bobble Brush Timer

As many of you know, Bobble Brush, one of Quirky’s earliest products, is getting a line extension! The original inventor, Spencer Sloan, came up with the idea for Bobble Brush while living in an 11’×13′ apartment in Manhattan: due to the absolute lack of counter space in his bathroom, his toothbrush had a habit of ending up on the […]

Meet Carli Heggen: Quirky’s New Social Media Strategist

4 years ago, when I moved to New York City from Portland, Oregon,  I brought only a small suitcase of clothes and shoes. I left my many beloved objects behind because I had just received the best stroke of luck that someone moving to New York could ask for: old college friends who were handing […]

A Case That Clicks: Introducing… Frame

Sporting 8 megapixels, improved capture speeds, and stellar low-light performance, the iPhone 5’s camera performs with the best of them, but the ergonomics of handling such a thin device can leave something to be desired. This dilemma was the inspiration for Frame, a phone case that gives your iPhone 5 the form factor of a real camera, allowing any user, […]

We’re Making This… Drift

Drift is moving into production! Our retailers are confident in the product, and it’s time to take this baby to market. Take a look at it in the Upcoming Section, and help us to determine the price by playing the Pricing Game. Congratulations to Michael Pearson and all of the 1,312 community members that helped influence the […]

Write on Site: Introducing…Draft

Two essential tools for every handyman or woman are their safety glasses and marking utensil. But the constant problem of finding an accessible place to store the latter while working is a common frustration. Draft offer users a pair of safety glasses with an easy access storage clip for your marking tool. Simply clip it […]

Brainstorm Aftermath & Recap 9/27

Thanks everyone who participated in last night’s Brainstorm. If you couldn’t make it, no worries – we’ve got you covered with the recap. Product 416: The Ultimate Axe Product 266: Medicine Dropper The full feed for the brainstorm can be viewed here: Video streaming by Ustream There you have it. Quirky Brainstorm: blowing minds every […]

Case Math: Style > (Fit+Feel) > Function

While they do offer a few functional cases, Incase has built their consumer base selling simple, stylized cases. When you tell inventors to work within the Apple accessory space, they instinctually begin thinking about features that can augment the abilities of the Apple device. I certainly did. Unfortunately though, most units within this category of business […]

A Food Truck on the 17th Floor

One of Quirky’s favorite neighbors, Martha Stewart Living, is headquartered in the building just south of ours. The 81-year-old, 19-story Starrett-Lehigh building is so big you can drive a truck right onto the freight elevator. Which is exactly what the Takumi Taco truck did. Every weekday, the Takumi Taco truck serves its Japanese-inspired tacos in […]

The 10 Greatest Nerdy Inventions

Growing up, my favorite inventions were those that struck a cord with my inner über nerd. Judging the success of companies such as ThinkGeek and our own geeky contributions (think Digidudes) , it’s safe to assume many invention enthusiasts love the nerdy side of their passion. In celebration of this shared affection, here’s a very Quirky […]

This Week’s Brainstorm Preview

This week, the design staff will be brainstorming two very new concepts for Quirky’s wheelhouse, which means that the results will be even more important than usual. The two new topics that will be discussed this Wednesday (6pm EST) are: - The Ultimate Axe - Medicine Dropper If you’re new to brainstorms, allow us to explain. […]

Stick and Shine: Introducing… Wallbrights

If you’re sprucing up a room with a wall decal, you’re looking to make a statement, so why not make a statement that’s as bright and bold as you are? Wallbrights is a modular lighting solution that combines the simple beauty of wall decals with the panache of LED’s. Each piece features an adhesive backing, […]

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