Quirky’s Official Response To Hurricane Sandy

Good Evening Everyone, As time passes, the effects of this storm are becoming more and more clear. The below is meant to give everyone a snapshot of all official company positions when it comes to the aftermath of Sandy. On Our People: I personally spent all day seeing and feeling the effects the storm has […]

A Different Kind of Brainstorm…

Good evening makers! We hope everyone has made it through this tussle with Hurricane Sandy dry and unscathed. Due to widespread flooding and power outages resulting from the storm, the Quirky office (and broadcast room) are currently inaccessible, but that’s not going to stop us from moving ahead with our 6pm ET brainstorm. No sirree, […]

The Grassroots Toy Box: Turning Trash into Toys

For the average consumer, a pile of refuse is entirely without value, an unwanted blemish destined for the landfill. However, for Arvind Gupta, that same pile represents a world of possibilities. Gupta is a scientist and toy inventor with a very compelling focus: he specializes in simple and educational designs that children can make for […]

Popular Inventions Our Kids Won’t Recognize

During high school, my sister Sarah did her fair share of babysitting. One day while sitting for our favorite boy Jeffrey, he asked her if she had ever seen a record player.  She told him that if he was curious, he could check out my old record player that still worked. His response was, “Whoa! […]

KID Toyology: Inventor Peter Wachtel Discusses Toy Design

As a three-time Quirky inventor, Peter Wachtel is hardly a  stranger to the product development scene. However, beyond his presence on Quirky, Peter is also a career toy designer, having designed over 500 different products for the toy and video game industries through his company, KID Toyology. This made him a perfect source of sage wisdom […]

Just Look at the Light: Introducing… The Neuralyzer

Due to the effects of Hurricane Sandy, the Quirky Creative Team is currently unable to access their equipment, which has foiled our previously-scheduled product launch. Instead, we’ve decided to share an exclusive development project, dredged up from our top-secret (movie) vault. From birth, we’re trained to think of memories as a force for good, and […]

Gearing Up for Feedback Friday (Toybox Special)

While Hurricane Sandy may be doing her best to slow Quirky down, we’re keeping as many processes running as possible, including plans for this week’s Feedback Friday. As we continue through our content series on toy design, we decided that this would be a great opportunity for a more targeted conversation, so this week’s Feedback […]

Monday Design Tip: You Can’t Spell “Toys” without “Safety”

Okay, so perhaps you actually can spell the word “toys” without “safety”. However, when designing products specifically targeted towards the youngsters of the world, no subject should be closer to your mind. A 2005 studied recorded over 200,000 children sent to the emergency room that year for toy-related injuries, along with 20 fatalities. These numbers aren’t […]

Hurricane Sandy Takes Over QHQ

Ominous news, makers. Hurricane Sandy is making her way towards the northeast, forcing the MTA to shut down public transit in New York City. As a result, the Quirky offices will be closed until further notice (at this time, it looks like systems should be up and running on Tuesday), but we’ll keep you up-to-date […]

Weekly Recap 10/20 – 10/26

A happy ending to yet another week of making invention accessible. If you weren’t around for the last 7 days there’s no need to bug your friends for updates though: this week’s recap is chock full of them. The people at Ecouterre reminded us all that winter is quickly approaching with a piece on Digits, a Women’s Day f Read More...

Behind the Scenes: Graze

Like a number of other Quirky inventors, Abdullah Al-Harbi submitted his invention Graze with a video of his patented prototype, which Quirky always appreciates. Demonstrating a prototype gives us the ability to quickly understand the invention’s form and function, and to more effectively judge whether the product has a great future. In the case of Graze, […]

Five Awful Toy Inventions

In general, when providing someone with constructive advice, you’ll want to discuss examples of things that people did right. After all, there is great merit in examining the successes of others, and applying what you learned to your own M.O. However, every once in a while, it’s worth stepping back to examine the missteps: those […]

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