Monday Design Tip: Reflect On Your Work

In the world of invention, it’s natural to keep your eyes keenly trained on the future. However, every once in a while, it helps to take a moment to step back, regroup, and review the things you’ve accomplished so far. Like a writer unwilling to read his past work, it can be difficult to train […]

Invention Picks of the Week!

Last Thursday (and most every Thursday, now that we think about it), the Quirky staff and community got together to evaluate ten of the best invention ideas submitted to Debates were had, laughs were shared, and a few brawls may have started up in the crowd, but in the end, four ideas were chosen to be develope Read More...

Launch Your Imagination: Introducing… Kepler Space Kit

While Quirky’s Kepler allows anyone to take stunning photographs from hundreds of feet up, we understand that some explorers may want to go higher still. That’s why we developed the Kepler Space Kit, a modification capable of sending a camera soaring into the final frontier. The base Kepler kit transforms with minimal waste: the kite turns […]

Weekly Recap 12/24-12/28

While we’re still keeping our fingers crossed, December 21st came and went with nary an apocalypse in sight, allowing Quirky to finish out the last week of the calendar year. It was a strong week, ending a strong year at QHQ, even with a little holiday called Christmas breaking up the flow. Festive merry-making and gift-givi Read More...

Launch Your Imagination: Introducing… Kepler

Nowadays, anyone with a smart phone can be a photographer, but aerial photography is one realm that still feels out of reach. That’s all about to change with Kepler, a kite-mounted kit that gets your camera off the ground to capture a brand new perspective. The kit can support either an iPhone 5 or a Go […]

Happy Birthday to the Father of Flight

For the everday enthusiast, the flying machine was born on December 17th, 1903, as the Wright brothers took to the skies in the famous Wright Flyer. However, many of history’s greatest achievements were built on the shoulders of giants, and for Wilbur and Orville Wright, that giant was Sir George Cayley. Cayley was born in […]

A New Way of Working

On December 21st, Ben Kaufman sent the following email to the collective Quirky staff: “Quirky is a high pressure atmosphere. We push the absolute limits of every single day we have. Doodling, Breaking, Building, Shipping, Prettying, Counting, Labeling, Collaborating, Coding, Inventing. The result of our way of working is astonishing. Output from small, resource constrained […]

Fresh Made Fashion: Introducing… Bangle

Wear your style on your sleeve with Bangle, a kit that allows anyone to craft incredible custom bracelets with their own personal touch. The process is as simple and elegant as the product: just combine the resins provided in Bangle’s mixing bag, add a dash of color, then toss in anything from glitter to beads […]

Brainstorm Aftermath & Recap 12/27

Last night’s brainstorm was all about The Floating Exercise Device—we were able to dive deep and explore the huge range of possibilities that this idea holds. If you missed the live broadcast we won’t leave you in the dark, here are the highlights and footage to bring you up to speed: Product 328: The Floating Exercise Device […]

The Future of Space Exploration May Come From a Printer

In recent years, 3D printing has risen to fame as a fresh take on product manufacturing, but the true potential of the technology may lie a little farther away. As the prospect of off-planet travel and habitation becomes more and more plausible, NASA researchers have struggled to devise a more effective method of constructing structures […]

This Week’s Brainstorm Preview

On account of the holiday, this week’s brainstorm will only feature one invention, but it’s a concept with a load of possibilities, so you should plan for a doozy of a discussion anyway. The topic that will be brainstormed this week is: - The Floating Exercise Device If you’re new to brainstorms, allow us to […]

A Quirky Guide to Christmas

Firstly, let me start by wishing everyone in the Quirky community a very merry Christmas! ‘Tis the season of gingerbread houses, decorating blue spruces, and giving fruit cakes that you know people will promptly throw away after you leave. In fact, there are so many traditions surrounding the holidays that it’s easy to forget why […]

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