Apple Accessories: Designing for the iPhone and iPod

In 2012, over 50% of Apple’s net sales came from the iPhone alone, beating out tablets, computers, and software combined. While these numbers speak volumes, you shouldn’t need statistics to peg the iPhone as the champion product for the Apple enthusiast community. Moreover, while the iPhone line has come a long way since 2006, producing […]

A Super-Sized Eval: More Ideas, More Panelists, and More Quirky Inventors

This past Friday, Quirky CEO and founder Ben Kaufman made his late night debut on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, where he gave viewers a breakdown of Quirky’s mission as he demo’d a selection of our coolest products. As die-hard Leno fans ourselves, we knew the response would be big, but we had no idea […]

Pop the Flavor: Introducing… Frosty Rings

Give a child a ring pop, and he’ll love you for a day. Give a child a ring pop maker, and he’ll love you for all time. That’s the theory behind Frosty Rings, frozen ring pop molds that makes it easy for anyone to craft delicious, portable treats. The kit comes with three ring pop […]

Brainstorm Aftermath & Recap 1/30

We hope many of you were able to tune into last night’s special Brainstorm, where we discussed not two, not three, but four brand new products! If you missed the broadcast we won’t leave you in the dark. Here are the highlights and footage to bring you up to speed: Product 373: Shower Curtain Rings […]

Apple Accessories: Designing for the iPad

Never has a device exploded onto the market quite like the digital tablet. While the iPhone has had 7 years to expand its market presence, the iPad has captured a third of Apple’s net sales in less than 3, reshaping the spectrum of everyday electronics. The sudden glut caused the accessory market to explode as […]

Behind the Scenes: Ventu Drop Testing

As the Quirky Design Staff prepares the updated Ventu for manufacturing, one of the toughest (and coolest) points to address is material composition. The main body of the bowl will be made of melamine resin, a popular plastic for kitchenware, but fine tuning the density to balance weight and durability can be a tricky task. To […]

We’re Making This… Cipher

Cipher is moving into production! Our retailers are confident in the product, and it’s time to take this baby to market. Take a look at it in the Upcoming Section, and help us to determine its price by playing the Pricing Game. Congratulations to Neil MacAloney and all of the 2,585 community members that helped bring this […]

This Week’s Brainstorm Preview (With a Twist!)

That’s right makers, we’re rocking the boat! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be exploring an array of new formats for the weekly brainstorm broadcast, to see if any might prove more beneficial to our product development process. This week, we’re kicking things off with a simple solutions brainstorm: we’ll be discussing a total of […]

Apple Accessories: Designing for the Mac

Though you wouldn’t know it nowadays, the original Apple product will forever be the Mac computer (technically it was the Apple I, but that was a Mac in spirit). While tablets and smartphones have come to dominate Apple’s public image, one third of Apple’s revenue is still drawn from laptops, desktops, and similar devices, indicating […]

Your Chance to Interview Pet Product Connoisseur Capree Kimball

That’s right folks, we’re changing things up, and giving YOU the chance to ask Capree Kimball anything and everything you’ve been wondering about pet products. Capree Kimball is the managing editor of Dog Milk, the ultimate online source for modern dog design reviews, news, and finds. When it comes to pet products, she really knows her stuff, so we were more […]

Ride or Shine: Introducing… Indicator

Cycling hand signals are great, but when you’re sharing the road with herds of 2 ton vehicles, there’s no such thing as too much visibility. Quirky’s Indicator is a pair of bicycle grips that redefines a bike’s presence on the road, packing both front lights and turn signals into one compact design. Both lights are […]

Gearing Up For Feedback Friday: The Inside Scoop On Apple Accessories

This week, the Quirky blog is featuring a special series on the Apple Accessory design space, intended to give our inventors the resources and guidance they need to keep moving mountains in this category. As a component of this content series, we’ll also be hosting a special episode of Feedback Friday, with a singular focus […]

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