High-Tech Specs Cure Colorblindness… By Accident

They say that some of the best ideas are stumbled upon by accident, a notion that definitely applies to Mark Changizi of 2AI Labs, based out of Boise, ID. Mark’s story starts in 2006, when his team began researching the theory that humans developed color vision not to spot fruits and berries, but to identify […]

Always In Charge: Introducing… PowerLoop

If you have ever been in a situation where you needed to charge your iPhone but are without your cable, we’re about to make your life a whole lot easier. With PowerLoop you’ll never misplace or be without your Lightning cable again. This innovative case incorporates a wrist lanyard with cable and connectors hidden within, […]

Brainstorm Aftermath & Recap 2/28

Last night’s brainstorm was a ton of fun and couple staff members participated in their first at Quirky. We again discussed three new products, and spent some time conducting materials and mechanism research for the first. It was fascinating stuff for all you product development junkies out there.  No worries if you couldn’t tune in […]

Google Releases Demo Video for Project Glass

Unless you hail from the farthest reaches of Lapland, you’ve probably heard of Google Glass, the internet giant’s attempt to popularize augmented reality through a head-mounted display (HMD). Media outlets have been giddy over the futuristic glasses, and the concept certainly pushes all the right sci-fi buttons, but as consumers consider the beta version’s $1,500 price […]

We’re Making This… Stickups

Stickups is moving into production! Our retailers are confident in the product, and it’s time to take this baby to market. Take a look at it in the Upcoming Section, and help us to determine its price by playing the Pricing Game. Congratulations to Shawn Schuur, and all of the 1,339 community members that helped bring […]

This Week’s Brainstorm Preview

Another Wednesday is soon to be upon us, which means another episode of Quirky’s live product brainstorm! We’ve got three more concepts to discuss this week, so we hope you bring your A game. Here’s a breakdown of the three the ideas we’ll be discussing: Mac Mini Flip Stand Confetti Candles iOS Wireless Mic System […]

Ultrasonic Suit Gives Users a Real Life “Spidey Sense”

While countless research labs are working to emulate Spiderman’s wall-climbing abilities, scientists have had trouble reproducing Spidey’s other key power: his danger-discerning Spider Sense. In an attempt to crack the code, Victor Mateevitsi of the University of Illinois has developed the SpiderSense suit, a wearable device that uses a system of robotic arms and microphones […]

Tap the Flavor: Introducing… Metal Stem Gift Set

Quirky’s Stem is a versatile tool, spritzing citrus everywhere from the beach to the brunch table, but there are times when you’d like a gadget that’s a little more… Bond. That was the thought behind the Metal Stem Gift Set, a metal stem and added mixing tool for the martini-swiller in all of us. Sold […]

Broadcast Update: Gin with Bill Lee, and an Electronic Feedback Friday

There’s no doubt about it: this week will be one of outstanding gravity. We’ve got a fine spread of broadcasts to stimulate your hearts and minds, and an impressive lists of guests to provide that stimulus.  Since we can’t wait to show you what we’ve got in store, we’ll cut the jabber and get right […]

Monday Design Tip: Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

Here at Quirky, we place great value on disruptive innovation, so the statement “Don’t reinvent the wheel” may sound counterintuitive at first. However, this phrase should not discourage inventors from re-imagining established products and features. Rather, it’s meant to remind us that those established concepts exist, and that they can be drawn on to help […]

Weekly Recap 2/16-2/22

Happy Friday makers! It’s the end of yet another week, which means its time for the weekly recap. If you missed any of the Quirky happenings over the last seven days, we’ll have you up to speed in no time. Quirky made it onto the pages of Forbes magazine this week, scoring a spot in […]

Invention Picks of the Week!

There was a lot to love about last night’s Eval. Ben Kaufman was back in the driver’s seat, inventors and prototypes were in the house, and 7-year-old PJ Shaw showed us that you’re never too young to lead a house band. However, like every Eval, the main focus was product: 12 amazing inventions were submitted […]

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