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Make sure you’re a smooth operator next time you grill. Olio is a brush designed to oil BBQ grates easily and evenly. A hollow reservoir in the brush holds oil and dispenses it gradually down the silicone bristles for safe use. A well-oiled grill improves cooking by helping food slide off smoothly, without tearing, and creates those perfect grill marks every chef dreams of. Regular use will extend the life of your grill by preserving the grate and making it easier to clean. This will be your secret weapon to BBQ mastery.

A trained chef, Steffani Adaska knew that properly oiling a grill was key to producing great food. She submitted an idea for a brush that could make doing that safer and easier. Over 1075 people came together to develop that idea into a product. Olio is now available in the Quirky shop for $19.99 presale ($24.99 retail) with a threshold of 1200 commitments.

-Food safe silicone and plastic withstand high heat
-Hollow reservoir keeps oil handy
-Twist-off brush head allows for easy refill
-Safety valve ensures slow, even oil dispersal
-Soft touch button dispenses oil with one push
-Handsome maple wood handle
-Brushed stainless steel hook for easy hanging

-Silicone head and bristles
-Plastic oil reservoir
-Stainless steel hook
-Rubber dispersal button with plastic skirt

Price, qty and features subject to change during production process.
Your credit card will not be charged when a commitment is placed.

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Justin Giannone
<p>Wow. The red looks hot. Cool product. Congrats Steffani!</p>
<p>Look great.</p>
<p>What is the tagline, please?</p>
<p>i like it! (i love to grill&#8230;.)<br /> i&#8217;m thinking that it might be helpful to have a slightly longer handle, and have the button further from the head &#8212; as to keep your hand away from the heat of the grill&#8230;<br /> .<br /> also the Brushed stainless steel hook for easy hanging looks to be massive. could this be thinner? it looks like it would be difficult to hang as currently represented (unless there is some other use for it that i don&#8217;t understand at this time).<br /> .<br /> also&#8230;. i really hope that the oil won&#8217;t drip from the brush (out of the reservoir) if it&#8217;s hanging on the side of the grill for a few days. (just expressing that i hope it won&#8217;t leak while hanging).<br /> .<br /> excited about it! looks cool!</p>
<p>&#8230;..oh, and will the plastic oil reservoir be able to withstand the high heat of a grill?<br /> .<br /> it would suck if it melted.</p>
Anonymous User
<p>Oil lowers the melt point of things it interacts with and plastics releases toxins when exposed to heat. Charcoal grills heat to 500-700 degrees F. Gas grills heat to 100-500 degrees F<br /> ( <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> )<br /> .<br /> Silicone is NOT recommended near flames, at all. By adding oil, it will be prone to burn faster and reach higher temps. Plastic+oil= disaster. Melted plastic spitting with hot oil will cause injuries.<br /> .<br /> Think about putting oil on your skin to go outside on the hottest day of the year. That&#8217;s what you&#8217;re doing to toxin releasing materials TOUCHING your FOOD and being absorbed BY THE OIL and FAT in your food, to poison you.<br /> .<br /> That&#8217;s why grill brushes are metal. Silicone is used to QUICKLY brush marinade onto cold food, not hot food. You marinate a second time when the meat is away from the flame and not fully hot on the outside.<br /> .<br /> This is a preposterous use of materials.</p>
Quirky Design Staff
<p>Anonymous User: you are not using this product while the grill is on. You would oil before and possibly after use.</p>
<p>I could see this being used INSIDE, too! Use it to spread oil on a pan -X-<br /> I&#8217;m not sure if the valve technology has been completely worked out, yet, but I&#8217;m sure QDS will figure it out.</p>
Brandon Craven
<p>Purdy sweet. I would butter my popcorn with it&#8230;. hmmmm&#8230; or use it to put on sun tan lotion&#8230; hmm</p>
Anonymous User
<p>You will not have a release of liability in the event of injury, even if that is printed on the package. It&#8217;s not intuitive. You will have to print it ON the item.<br /> .<br /> Cigarette companies are still getting sued. McDonald&#8217;s got sued for hot coffee, the woman who put her motor home on cruise control and went into the back of the home &#8211; all won. This is BEGGING for legal problems.<br /> .<br /> Find a non-grill use for it and advertise it for that. How about oiling cutting boards, wood utensils, refinishing intricately carved furniture, veterinary uses? for an animals coat?<br /> Cleaning oil off birds after an oil spill&#8230; something safe and productive.</p>
<p>@Anonymous&#8230; Hmmm&#8230; have you ever been accused of being&#8230;</p> <p>Alarmist,<br /> Malcontent, or&#8230;<br /> Perpetually critical?</p>
<p>QDS so if the brush is not supposed to be used when the grill is on, why does it need to be heat resistant? I think the original idea of this one was to use it instead of dipping paper towel in oil and brushing the grate with that just before you put the food on it. Not when it&#8217;s cold nor afterwards.<br /> While I think the silicone could deal with the heat, using plastic for the reservoir doesn&#8217;t make sense.</p>
Anonymous User
<p>FR- I want to maximize the brain power and financial return for all of us. Creating things that don&#8217;t meet the need, appeal to or seem to make common sense in the first 30 seconds, to the practically minded, will cost millions in lost sales. Experienced, better than mediocre buyers will see the same things I did, and pass.<br /> .<br /> I&#8217;ve spent alot of my life surrounded by lawyers. I can just hear their glee when I see stuff like this. There are people out there Looking for a reason to sue and make an easy buck. It only takes one to win and cost the company a bundle.</p>
Anonymous User
<p>Read this:<br /> .<br /> <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a></p>
Steffani Adaska
<p>QDS &#8211; I have to be honest to say that you misspoke when you told Anonymous User: &#8220;you are not using this product while the grill is on.&#8221;<br /> Although AU is a bit overly concerned, he/she was correct in thinking this was supposed to be designed to use when the grill is HOT not cold/off. Did you folks not see my videos (short one and the longer, more detailed one that was sent after my submission was chosen? Although I am not a designer, I am a trained chef and spent over 20 years in kitchens. </p> <p>That is why I suggested that the base/reservior be Stainless Steel.</p> <p>When I found out it was plastic I have to admit I was very deflated and confused. </p> <p>Although it looks much better than I thought it would, it STILL NEEDS TO WITHSTAND HEAT. It is a grilling product used on, and stored near a grill. Plastic melts. And, like </p> <p>I hope that QDS will reconsider the plastic and make it stainless. I know that it will up the price, but it will be of better quality and have better durability.<br /> Here are several comments from my CIA (Culinary Institute of America) buddies and former bosses (chefs). </p> <p>From a Chef Friend who works as F&amp; B Manager -&#8220;Looks great Steff, I will get one<br /> How about making it with a stainless steel handle that can be used in a commercial operation!!<br /> Hope you make a million, and when you do, you get the tab when we have drinks again!!!!!&#8221;</p> <p>From a CHEF in a restaurant I used to work in &#8220;So cool. But why plastic? We would buy some for the restaurant if you make them in stainless. Can we order some in SS? Wish you much success&#8221;</p> <p>From owner (former boss) Art, at Large Gourmet Shop in NJ that does a HUGE Amount (multimillions) of Catering and BBQ/Pig Roasts &#8220;Congrats lady! How&#8217;s life since we last spoke. cool you are an inventor now? Def could use these for our catering division and the BBQ team.When are you coming back to NJ. We would love to have you back. Are these grill brushes available in stainless steel. Not sure the plastic could withstand our rough chefs and rougher heat around the massive grills we use. I will tell our buyer, Judy Fevers, to call you to get a bunch. Hope to see you soon.</p>
<p>Products are always tested in production to ensure they meet all safety requirements. When/if this moves into production, we will be able to post maximum temperature that final materials can withstand. This can be used on hot surfaces, but not near open flames.</p>
<p>Ciao a tutti, mi piace il tuo blog. C&#8217;è qualcosa che posso fare per ricevere gli aggiornamenti come un abbonamento o qualcosa? Mi dispiace io non sono a conoscenza RSS?</p>
<p>@thepipskidnapper (via Google Translate): Ciao! Non abbiamo RSS, ma si possono seguire @ eccentrico per gli aggiornamenti su Twitter. Benvenuto!</p>
Flo McDavid avatar
Flo McDavid
I had an idea for a similar product, with a silicon brush that fits directly onto the top of an olive oil bottle... check it out here!
Flo McDavid avatar
Flo McDavid
I had an idea for a similar product, with a silicon brush that fits directly onto the top of an olive oil bottle... check it out here!
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dearill lalop
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