Brainstorm Aftermath & Recap 2/20

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Last night’s brainstorm was a rousing success and these dynamic new formats are keeping things interesting. This time around, we discussed three new products and honed in on what we most need help with, bringing in the inventor for one to help point us in the right direction. No worries if you couldn’t tune in yesterday evening: here’s the recap to get you up to speed.

Product 555: Washable High Chair

Product 360: Steel Tipped Work Gloves

Product 271: Smart Pool Tester

We welcomed inventor Angela Crouse and her posse to QHQ to give us some pointers on mobile application design and her vision for her invention.

And for your viewing pleasure, the full recording of the live brainstorm:

Video streaming by Ustream

Thanks for tuning in! Be sure to check out every Wednesday to see what we’re brainstorming next. Don’t forget to share your reactions to this week’s brainstorm in the comments section below…

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