The mat that guides you: Introducing… Beacon!

Posted ago by Caroline

BeaconSay namaste to your boring old yoga mat! Introducing Beacon, the smart mat that provides interactive guidance. Beacon communicates via bluetooth or USB cable with your laptop or smartphone to track progress, provide feedback, and help perfect your pose. Thanks to the embedded LEDs and pressure sensors, it turns purple to show you the correct position, red in areas where you’re applying too much pressure, and green when you are accurately balanced.

Inventor Molly Duffy, a recent graduate of MIT, originally developed Beacon for a mechanical engineering class. Now with the help of 60 community influencers, it’s almost ready to roll out. Head on over to the portfolio page to help us pick a price!


- LED feedback

- Rechargeable battery

- Bluetooth enabled


-Plastic, PVC foam


24” W x .6” H x 76” D (610 mm x 15mm x 1930 mm)


Price, quantity, and features are subject to change during the production process.

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Niki :-) avatar
Niki :-)
Everything tastes better with Beacon!
HullberryPendexter avatar
bacon grease my palms with silver
TimeTraveler avatar
Make mind bacon and egg on a roll with a regular coffee to go.
Dan Turk avatar
Dan Turk
I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure "namaste" doesn't mean "goodbye" ...
TimeTraveler avatar
Bacon! Bacon! Bacon!
Ernesto  Tan avatar
Ernesto Tan
You could have name it after constellations "Orion" is a prominent constellation located on the celestial equator and visible throughout the world. It is one of the most conspicuous and recognizable constellations in the night sky
rosiegirl avatar
I have to say, I wasn't a fan when I saw this at eval as to me yoga is more of a spiritual thing to me and combining technology with it seems counter intuitive. But I must say that you've turned my thinking around. Yoga can be used for exercise and therapy and with this product, I can see how it will be effective in ensuring alignment. So, well done Q team!!!
EW . avatar
EW .
Not so much a fan of the Name or Tag. There were many, many great ones.
Ernesto  Tan avatar
Ernesto Tan
Maybe , you can name it YogaTwist !
_Brenda_ avatar
the product looks great. congrats to Molly and the Quirky design team. hope the retail interest is there for Beacon.
Zoli Honig avatar
Zoli Honig
Very cool, though this will definitely need a companion app so people & companies can sync up their instructional videos to the mat's lighting. Also another awesome feature would be for gyms, to have one "master mat" control the lights of the others, so the instructor can show everyone how to do the moves..
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