So Fresh and So Clean: Meet the Quirky Cleaning Line

(left to right): Scrubbie, Nest, Squeak, Flipside, Broom Groomer v2, Groove, Broom Groomer Pro Over the past week, you’ve probably noticed that our product launches have shared a certain sanitary flair. This is no coincidence, but the build-up to a rather exciting announcement: we’re launching our first complete line of cleaning products, and boy does […]

Quirky Stands Strong Following Oxo’s Response.

On Monday of last week we began to tell the world about Oxo’s replication of our community’s ‘Broom Groomer’ Concept. Coverage can be found here. On Friday, Oxo Responded. That can be found here. ——- On Oxo’s Response: Every day, thousands of legal notices are batted back and forth between companies around the world. Never […]

Rise Up! Quirky Seeks Justice for Inventor Bill Ward

As a haven for transparent online collaboration, Quirky must strive to protect the interests of its inventors and influencers. While this customarily takes the form of patents and long-winded legal proceedings, there are select instances where you have to pick up a sign, slap on a mask, and get a little angry. That’s exactly what […]

Broom Groomer On The Today Show

Quirky swept into homes across America this morning when Broom Groomer was featured on NBC’s Today Show. Us Weekly contributor Jill Martin showed how to use it in style by getting rid of dust bunnies while wearing a pair of stilettos. You can’t do that with any old dustpan! Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

“That Satisfying Click” (And More) On HSN’s YouTube Channel

Quirky’s blowing up HSN’s YouTube channel with Click ‘n Cook and other awesome socially-developed products from the weekend’s premiere: Broom Groomer Cloak Cordies Digits Scratch-n-Scroll Space Bar Split Stick Travelstacks Wrapster

An Interview With Broom Groomer’s Bill Ward

When Bill Ward submitted his idea for the Broom Groomer, we knew we had a hit. Months later, we catch up with him as his product is ready to ship. 1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. I live on the outskirts of Charleston, S.C., with my wife and 1-1/2 year old son. We live in a totally peaceful setting on Read More...

Now Shipping: Wrapster, Travelstacks & Broom Groomer!

Great news, everyone: we’re ready to push Travelstacks, Broom Groomer, and Wrapster out of our warehouse and into your hands! In the words of Inventory Wizard Nancy “Pei-Pei” Chen: “soon people around the country will be sweeping dust bunnies via Handicrafter-stickered sexy ass Broom Groomers.” A huge congrats to ideators Nancy Casimir, Bill Ward, and Matt Fleming. We did it!

All You Want For Christmas Is Stuff From Quirky

Ho, ho, ho! (Too early?) We’re releasing limited quantities of FOUR brand new products, just in time for the holidays: Order confirmation e-mails got sent out this afternoon. We’ll be fulfilling all commitments on a first-come, first-served basis, and supplies are limited… so don’t Read More...

Production Report: Broom Groomer

What we’ve been up to over the past 3 weeks: Over the last few months we’ve been working to engineer and “productionize” the Broom Groomer. Since it’s “just” a dustpan (but really so much more!) it’s been a fairly smooth ride. We analyzed the handle to make sure it wouldn’t break eas Read More...

Broom Groomer Sweeps It Up!

It’s official: the Broom Groomer just became Quirky’s 17th product to hit production. Wahoo! A big congrats to ideator Bill Ward (a former Quirk o’ the Week) and all the community members who rallied during the final sales push. They’ll get a hunk of the 25 percent pre-sales influence that was up for gr Read More...

Quirk Of The Week – Bill Ward!

Broom Groomer ideator, Bill Ward, swept into our lives early this year and made the world of Quirky that much better! Although his submission was not chosen in the first product round he entered, Bill believed in it and resubmitted. We’re sure glad he did. Life outside of Quirky (is there such a thing?) consists of inv Read More...

Broom Groomer Available for Pre-Sale

The Broom Groomer is available for pre-sales! Commit now for $9.99! The Broom Groomer is a sweeping improvement in dustpans. Here is what makes this dustpan so awesome: - A row of rubber teeth protruding from the back end of the dust pan to clean the broom’s bristles when you’re done sweeping. No more du Read More...

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