Follow SlideRider’s wild ride!

When we launched SlideRider back in April, we knew it was going to be a crowd pleaser, but we never anticipated the kind of A-list attention it would attract. After receiving high praise on the Internet from Drew Carey, Sarah Michelle Gellar, PeeWee Herman, and other celebs, SlideRider was fast-tracked for development. As is the […]

Make your mark on breakfast: Introducing…Pixel!

Chocolate, strawberries, whipped cream, oh my! Could waffles get any better? With Pixel, they can. This customizable waffle iron allows you to create unique designs every time. Make a masterpiece by pushing in the dimples on the silicone tray to make your own pattern and locking it into place. Then pour the batter over the […]

Vote for Shake!

Shake, our sand-sifting beach bag, is up for Cooper Hewitt’s 2014 People’s Design Award (whoop whoop!). Cast your vote right here! The polls close at 6pm ET on October 6th, and you can vote again every 24 hours. The winner will be announced live at the National Design Awards Gala in New York City on […]

Always on target: Introducing… Shine!

Want to squeeze in an evening run but weary of the dark? Light up the night with Shine. This comfortable headlamp stabilizes the light with a counterbalanced reflector and magnets to prevent distracting bouncing so you can keep your eyes on the road. With three light settings—spot for a directional beam, flood for a wide […]

Get an insider’s look at the (re)making of Pivot Power!

After three successful years on the market, Pivot Power has proven its got serious staying power. But like every product, it needs to keep evolving to stay current. So our design, engineering, manufacturing teams took a good, hard look at our flexible surge protector to see how we could improve this already impressive product. “The […]

Control your roll: Introducing… Border!

Take the pain out of painting with a little help from Border. Simply clip the plastic guard to the frame of any standard paint roller and stop paint from touching the ceiling, floor, or adjacent wall. You’ll be painting like a pro in no time. Don’t let the fear of a botched paint job keep […]

A look inside GE’s Global Research Center

We took a trip to GE’s Global Research Center to see how our friends and partners stay on top of today’s cutting-edge technology. What did we learn? Prototype! Prototype! Prototype! Even when they’re working on big projects—like Baxter, a robot designed to pick up surgical instruments—they always start small. “We always build prototypes when we […]

We know what you did this #QuirkySummer…

From BBQs to beach days, this summer was jam-packed with sunshine and carefree fun. Along the way, we asked you to document your summer experiences with #QuirkySummer. Now—as our favorite season comes to end—let’s celebrate some of the snapshots that caught our eye! Week 1 winner: Kickoff to a cool summer Week 2 winner: Celebrate […]

Invention on the Street: Coney Island

For the second installment of Invention on the Street, we sent Anna to New York’s Coney Island. She hit the boardwalk and combed the beach to see what unsuspecting sunbathers had to say about invention. From gerbil castles to pint-sized chainsaws, these sun-chasing strangers were just full of surprises… Stay tuned for more Invention on […]

Ben Takes on the Ice Bucket Challenge!

Is your newsfeed flooded with people dumping ice on their heads? What gives, right? Well, it’s all part of a campaign to raise awareness for ALS, aka Lou Gehrig’s disease. This morning, Quirky CEO Ben Kaufman accepted the #IceBucketChallenge. Not only did he donate to the cause, he also let us dump a bucket of […]

Quirky 2.0: Our Learnings So Far

Quirky 2.0, our collaborative platform rebuild, is in full swing. We’ve sifted through all your feedback, including research from years past and your latest suggestions. And here are the top issues we’ve identified with the current Quirky platform: 1) There’s no easy way to work with other Community members on the platform 2) The ratio […]

Quirky 2.0: Our Collaborative Platform Rebuild

Since 2009, we’ve been working hard to make invention accessible. We do that by bringing transparency, openness, and approachability to an otherwise mystifying industry. Basically, we’ve invented a new way to turn great ideas into real products—and we’re only able to accomplish this because of our invention platform. But just like the ideas we see […]

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