The Cronut legend: How one chef is reinventing the pastry world

People rarely consider bakers to be inventors, but we disagree. Dominique Ansel is a pastry chef in a league of his own; he pushes the baking boundaries and never settles for the status quo. Just look at the Cronut… A croissant-doughnut hybrid, the Cronut made it’s big debut in May 2013. And this sweet’s got […]

Everything you missed at Town Meeting

On Thursday night, our CEO Ben Kaufman, took the community through the good, the bad, and the ugly of 2014 in our first Town Meeting of the year. He also shared plans for the future of the company and some big changes coming our way. It wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies. We’re making moves, people! […]

Go behind the scenes with the photo team

At Quirky, we have a talented team of shutterbugs that handles all of our in-house photography. Ever wonder how they pull off the eye-catching visuals on our site, packaging, and beyond? Me too! So, I sat down with Kristen Rodgers, our Head of Photography, for a glimpse behind the curtain camera of some of her […]

Introducing…The Quirkies!

It’s award season! Instead of celebrating movies or actors, we’re giving inventors the recognition they deserve. Introducing The Quirkies: awards for a variety of achievements in the field of invention. And like everything else, we had you to be a part of the selection process. Thank you for helping us honor the wacky, underrated, and truly game-changing inventors […]

Inventor story: Michael Taylor

Michael Taylor is a veteran community member who joined Quirky in the early days. So we were especially excited to get to know him better when he stopped by the Quirky offices in NYC for the launch of his three (!) Quirky+GE smart products: Tapt, Outlink, and Overflow. Of course, we got the scoop on […]

How to make 3D renders

This blog post comes to you from one of our very own community members: Brandon Murray! An active member since May 2012, Brandon’s submitted 712 ideas (!!) and influenced nearly 450 (!!!). Since Brandon’s a self-taught 3D renderer, we asked him to write a piece on modeling for beginners—take it away, Brandon!  Whether you’d like […]

Community Spotlight: Cardboard Prototypes

In December, we launched an Invention Challenge to submit a cardboard prototype along with your idea submission. Here’s the handy How To video. Considering the amount of work it takes to make a prototype, we were pleasantly surprised with 50 submissions! We were so impressed, we had to share some of the community’s work. Here’s […]

Solve your problems in 6 seconds flat.

Think vines are just for grapes? Not so! Our newest Vines (sharable, six-second videos) show off our inventions in a whole new way. Oh, and be sure to turn on the sound. Beat Booster Here comes the boom. Box. Boom box. Pluck It’s out of this world, no yolk. PowerShell Never leave a shadow of […]

How to create an inspiring mood board

Before our industrial designers start working on a product, they create a mood board. What’s a mood board? Well, it’s a collection of images or materials that evoke the style or creative direction of a project. How are they useful? Visual inspiration is the key to getting your creative juices flowing. And they help outsiders […]

Inventor story: Robert Sweeney

Robert Sweeney is an accomplished designer from Winnipeg, Canada who enjoys the simpler things in life, such as thinking, walking, and sketching. He’s also the inventor of Tripper, Quirky+GE’s smart window/door sensor. He stopped by our offices a few months ago, and we were instantly charmed by his sweet personality and openness. He shared his […]

How to make a cardboard prototype

Wait! Don’t toss that box. Turn it into a cardboard prototype. Ordinary boxes are the perfect building blocks for making a prototype that’ll help your invention submission stand out. Making a physical prototype—no matter how simple it is—gets an idea out of your head and into your hands. This way, you can show people your […]

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