Get weird before you get real

David Cole is our head of retail store design and experience. He’s in charge of bringing the Quirky brand to physical life, from events to in-store displays. It’s a tough job with unique challenges and it requires an immense amount of creativity to stay a step ahead of the competition. Recently, David and his team […]

Product in development: Freewheel

Inventor Rene Diaz submitted the idea for Freewheel back in December. He dreamed of remote controlled wheels that kids could attach to just about anything. With help from the community, we got rolling on developing Rene’s inventive toy idea. As Freewheel came to life, we started to see a bigger vision for it. Marketing it […]

3D printer 101 with Andrew Brase

Andrew Brase manages Quirky HQ’s “shop”, which houses everything from basic tools to state-of-the-art equipment for product making and modeling. He’s a bona fide expert when it comes to 3D printing technology, but he only became a pro through good ol’ trial and error. Andrew knows our complex printers inside out, and for the most […]

Meet 3D Hubs

In an effort to exchange ideas about the product development process, we’ve been co-hosting regular Meetup events with local tech companies. Most recently, we teamed up with 3D Hubs, a service that connects makers with 3D printers in their area. We asked Max van Oirschot, one of 3D Hub’s staff writers, to explain how 3D […]

Shield your outlets: Introducing…Breaker!

Breaker turns any outlet into a safer GFCI outlet without any rewiring. Simply retrofit your existing outlets with Breaker to prevent your little ones from dangerous accidents caused by sticking objects into the socket. Dario Ferreira knew there had to be a way to child-proof outlets without hiring an electrician. He invented Breaker, and thanks […]

5 tips for tapping into your creativity with Kar Kay Ho

As one of Quirky’s senior graphic designers, Kar Kay Ho designs and oversees all the imaginative visuals you see in our emails, shop, and platform. But it’s what he does in his free time that really caught our eye. He’s a talented artist who creates fantastical renditions of the people and places around him. “I […]

Have a blast while it lasts: Introducing…Nova!

Nova is an interactive game that gives puzzles a whole new dimension of fun. Designed for all ages, this ball features foam puzzle pieces that attach to the core magnetically and pop off when the timer goes off. Play hot potato or race against friends to solve the puzzle before it explodes! Thanks to Inventor […]

Follow SlideRider’s wild ride!

When we launched SlideRider back in April, we knew it was going to be a crowd pleaser, but we never anticipated the kind of A-list attention it would attract. After receiving high praise on the Internet from Drew Carey, Sarah Michelle Gellar, PeeWee Herman, and other celebs, SlideRider was fast-tracked for development. As is the […]

Make your mark on breakfast: Introducing…Pixel!

Chocolate, strawberries, whipped cream, oh my! Could waffles get any better? With Pixel, they can. This customizable waffle iron allows you to create unique designs every time. Make a masterpiece by pushing in the dimples on the silicone tray to make your own pattern and locking it into place. Then pour the batter over the […]

Vote for Shake!

Shake, our sand-sifting beach bag, is up for Cooper Hewitt’s 2014 People’s Design Award (whoop whoop!). Cast your vote right here! The polls close at 6pm ET on October 6th, and you can vote again every 24 hours. The winner will be announced live at the National Design Awards Gala in New York City on […]

Always on target: Introducing… Shine!

Want to squeeze in an evening run but weary of the dark? Light up the night with Shine. This comfortable headlamp stabilizes the light with a counterbalanced reflector and magnets to prevent distracting bouncing so you can keep your eyes on the road. With three light settings—spot for a directional beam, flood for a wide […]

Get an insider’s look at the (re)making of Pivot Power!

After three successful years on the market, Pivot Power has proven its got serious staying power. But like every product, it needs to keep evolving to stay current. So our design, engineering, manufacturing teams took a good, hard look at our flexible surge protector to see how we could improve this already impressive product. “The […]

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