Quirky gifting: beer edition

Working at Quirky has a lot of perks, from our incredible office to making dreams come true for tens of thousands of inventors and creatives around the world. But the best part of working at Quirky is the occasional giant thank you we receive from community members. Recently, Marine Sciences PhD candidate and Athens, GA […]

The story behind Quirky’s new neon sign…

Check out this video describing the craftsmanship involved in creating a neon sign for the new section of Quirky HQ, which was built to house our growing number of employees. You’ll all be inspired by Steve, our neighbor, who is one of the last of a dying breed of neon light artisans: Quirky Presents: The […]

Meet Quirky’s Resident Storyteller: Stephen Robert Morse

Let’s start with this fun fact: As it turns out, Ben Kaufman was born and raised in Oceanside, New York, my hometown on Long Island. Though he’s one year younger than I am, he claims to remember me from those scrappy playground days before he moved away when he was 9. His memory must be […]

Young Inventors at the Old Tappan Invention Convention

Behind every great inventor lies a great teacher. Whether it’s a parent, educator, or even a supportive friend, every great mind needs someone to guide them; to show them how to brainstorm and problem-solve; to tell them that there’s no reason they can’t make their ideas a reality. That was the thought behind the Invention […]

Cheers, It’s a Quirky Town Meeting: Friday, March 29th at 6pm ET

Rejoice, all ye faithful, because the time has finally come! This Friday, March 29th at 6pm ET, the Quirky staff and community will convene for the year’s first Town Meeting, a quarterly event that’s 50% shareholder meeting, 50% live Q&A, and 100% Quirky. It’s the climactic final broadcast of the quarter, and we’re pulling out […]

Photo Series: New York City Reinvents the Payphone

Last night, over 120 designers, reporters, planners and city officials gathered at QHQ for the finale of NYC’s Reinvent Payphones Design Challenge, a three-month-long project that invited the best and the brightest to re-imagine New York City’s 11,000+ payphones. In the end, over 600 concepts were submitted, but only 11 finalists were selected to be […]

No Launch Today, But An Awesome Video Instead!

Today is not an ordinary Friday. Due to a special project (which we will be announcing soon), we’re diverging from our normal launch schedule, and will not be launching a new product to the Upcoming section today. However, we hate to skip a beat, so we’d like to take this moment to share an awesome […]

Jessica Gray Joins the Quirky Community Team

Hello wonderful Quirky Community peeps! It has been a little over a month since I joined the Community team here at Quirky, and I am thoroughly enjoying every second of it. As a Community Support Representative, it occurred to me that I should introduce myself to you all; put a face to the name or nondescript […]

A New Way of Working

On December 21st, Ben Kaufman sent the following email to the collective Quirky staff: “Quirky is a high pressure atmosphere. We push the absolute limits of every single day we have. Doodling, Breaking, Building, Shipping, Prettying, Counting, Labeling, Collaborating, Coding, Inventing. The result of our way of working is astonishing. Output from small, resource constrained […]

The History of the Dreidel

It’s that time of year again. Pull out the Menorah and fry up some potato latkes, because Hanukkah is upon us. Many people are at least somewhat familiar with this minor Jewish holiday (mostly because it falls around Christmas), which celebrates the victory of the Maccabees and the miracle of the oil. One of the […]

Democratic Sandwiches: My Belly’s Playlist Comes to Quirky

At Quirky, we make everything with the help of an online community because we know that 300,000 minds are better than 1 (or 100). Thanks to the unique contributions of our members, we’ve been able to bring some game-changing products to market. Now imagine how awesome a sandwich menu could be with the help of […]

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

As we lay out the blueprint for our dinner plates, we’d like to take a moment to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving. There have been a great many things to be thankful for this year at Quirky, from the endorsement of two great venture capital firms to the tens of thousands of new members […]

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