Follow SlideRider’s wild ride!

When we launched SlideRider back in April, we knew it was going to be a crowd pleaser, but we never anticipated the kind of A-list attention it would attract. After receiving high praise on the Internet from Drew Carey, Sarah Michelle Gellar, PeeWee Herman, and other celebs, SlideRider was fast-tracked for development. As is the […]

Introducing our partnership with STORY: COOL STORY

Looking for a place to chill this summer? You’re in luck! Inspired by Aros, we’ve teamed up with GE and STORY to bring you a very, very cool experience in NYC. So cool in fact, we’re calling it COOL STORY. From a cold brew bar to ice cream socials and invention stations, COOL STORY is […]

The Art of Neon

Meet Stephen Conlon. He’s Quirky’s neighbor and a 25-year veteran of the neon sign business. Sure he handcrafted the signature Quirky sign that hangs in the product wing, but it’s his story that really caught our attention. Here’s to all the Stephens of the world—it’s makers and breakers like you that inspire us to do […]

Introducing the School of Invention

Class is officially in session! Introducing Quirky’s School of Invention. This new initiative encourages kids of all ages to become the great inventors of tomorrow—because when it comes to inventing, age ain’t nothing but a number. Even though school’s out for summer, we never stop inspiring. Just ask Jackson (featured in the video above), the […]

NYC hearts #UberCOOL

Last weekend, we took to the streets in three tricked-out ice cream trucks to hand-deliver Aros to overheating New Yorkers across the Big Apple. It was all part of our first-ever partnership with Uber_NYC—a little something we’re calling #UberCOOL. We rocked Hawaiian shirts (à la Garthen Leslie), climbed countless flights of stairs, delivered the world’s […]

Ben—The World’s Least Important CEO—Nailed it on Squawk Box this Morning

This morning, Ben stopped by CNBC’s Squawk Box to chat with host Andrew Ross Sorkin about all things Aros and our #UberCOOL promotion. We’re not going to pussyfoot around it—Ben went the extra mile to prove he’s worthy of the world’s least important CEO title. Watch here:

Meet Quirky’s Hong Kong Team

Just how do we manage to bring people’s invention ideas to life day in and day out? That’s easy, we have a secret weapon: Quirky’s Hong Kong office. This talented team is responsible for all the nitty-gritty details that help Quirky run like a well-oiled machine, such as logistics, supply chain, global sourcing, and engineering. […]

Behind the Scenes of Our First Commercials

By now, you’ve probably all seen our commercial debut. Whether it was on an enormous TV with surround sound (fingers crossed) or floating around somewhere on the Internet (also cool), I hope it was a fun experience. These commercials definitely mean a lot to us. Not just because they are our first real foray into […]

Quirky’s First TV Campaign—A Very Important Message from the World’s Least Important CEO

Tonight we are proud and humbled to premiere Quirky’s first ever advertising campaign. In five years, we’ve accomplished a lot—but the fact is, very few people know about Quirky, and what we stand for. Many people know our power strip, some people may have a product of ours and not even know it came from […]

When you watch SNL this weekend, don’t skip the commercials!

Cancel your plans, set your DVRs, and order some takeout. You’re staying in to watch Saturday Night Live this weekend. Sure the skits will make you giggle, but the best part will undoubtedly be the commercials. Why, you ask? Because we’re premiering the very first Quirky commercials, starring Ben and one of our newest inventors! […]

Random Acts of Quirky: Spring Cleaning Ambush

Spring is in full swing. It’s time to dust off those cleaning supplies and get a fresh start! We figured our friends in New York could use a helping hand, so we sent the Quirky cleaning crew out to surprise a lucky few with a spic-and-span home makeover. We gave Broom Groomer a workout, got […]

The Quirky Invention Challenge with RadioShack

Quirky Invention Challenge: RadioShack from Quirky on Vimeo. We’re teaming up with RadioShack to take playtime straight into the future. What new languages, games, or skills do you wish a toy could teach your kid? What popular games from the past could use a modern makeover? How do you want playthings to interact with their […]

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