On the first day of my second year of 8th grade…

It was a warm September morning when I arrived at my new school, ready and excited for yet another go at 8th grade. As I walked into the building, I was immediately met by an oil-painting of a dude with an incredibly stellar mustache. His name was Charles Coffin, and he was one of the founders […]

Give the Gift of Time, Power & Money

Never give a dumb gift again! Today, we launch our holiday campaign to make you the world’s smartest gifter. Available now, our new gift collection is full of fun, beautifully designed and forward-thinking smart products that give the best gift of all: Time, Power and Money. The new line of app-enabled devices is the first […]

Inventing for Wink: Unscrambling Egg Minder

Last April, Quirky boldly joined hands with GE to build a line of app-enabled products that would launch both companies into the connected home. Wink is the intersection of crazy inventors, tomorrow’s technology, and the unstoppable Quirky product development machine. We didn’t know what to expect when we opened the site up for submissions, but […]

Design to Change Behavior

Following Monday’s Apple WWDC 2013 event, I’d like to discuss the evolution and role of design. One thing that we’re sure of from Apple’s success is the importance of good design. Apple has been largely responsible for re-attributing significant value to the design of everything. Everything you see and touch, from your neighborhood park bench, […]

Quirky + GE Eval Recap: Six New Inventors Crowned!

Tim Gunn and Corinne Iozzio joined Ben Kaufman at our special Eval last night. Last night, we hosted our second special product evaluation with our friends at GE, focusing on app-enabled products. We had Project Runway’s Tim Gunn, Popular Science magazine’s Corinne Iozzio, GE’s Joe Salvo and Deborah Zajac, and Electric Imp’s co-founder Kevin Fox […]

#MakeItQuirk with Tim Gunn at our special Quirky + GE Product Eval tonight!

Hey there Quirky community! As you may remember, last month we kicked off our awesome new partnership with GE and held our very first special Wink Product Evaluation. Well, we’re coming back again tonight to pick even more inventions for our new line of app-enabled products. The festivities will start promptly tonight at 7pm ET […]

Brainstorm Aftermath & Recap 5/8

We had an all-Wink Brainstorm this week, featuring the first three GE Eval selections and a brand new cast of Quirky characters (meet them here). All three ideas discussed incorporate an Imp chip, which (in laymen’s terms) allows any object to connect to Wifi. Thanks to the Imp, the capabilities for these products are endless. We […]

Monday Design Tip: Buy a Raspberry Pi

If the Wink: Instantly Connected product line wasn’t evidence enough, programming and product design are growing ever more intertwined. While analog products are certainly sticking around, digital connectivity has become a core part of the 21st-century product ecosystem, and for the everyday inventor, the ability to understand and play in that space represents a powerful advantage. […]

Sensory Overload: An Update on Our Wink Eval

A primary goal of our Wink: Instantly Connected product line is to build devices that think for you, rather than devices that you need to think about yourself. Whether you’re in your kitchen or on the go, your devices should “know” what’s going on around them, letting you worry about other, more important things. We […]

Inventing for Wink: Instantly Connected? Here Are Some Tips…

We’re off to a superb start with Wink: Instantly Connected, the new line of app-enabled smart home products that we’re developing with our partners at GE. Your submissions have already wowed us in so many ways! As you may already know, all of our Wink products will be powered by Electric Imp’s microchip technologies. Electric Imp’s co-founder, […]

Meet the Founders of Electric Imp

Last week, QHQ was visited by Hugo Fiennes and Kevin Fox, the co-founders of Electric Imp, who designed the chip that we’re using to hook up Wink: Instantly Connected products to your mobile apps. Check out the video below for some advice they shared with our Wink inventors, plus highlights from their visit.

Wink Eval Recap: The App-Enabled Future Starts Here

Last night, we held our first Wink Product Evaluation with our partners from GE to crown our first series of inventors for our Wink: Instantly Connected product line. The Eval panel featured a number of special guests, including CoolHunting’s Josh Rubin, Undercurrent’s Aaron Dignan, and Hugo Fiennes and Kevin Fox, co-founders of our Wink technology […]

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