Harry Clarke

Lena, IL Joined March 03, 2013

I have been a woodworker at my wooden spoon company since 1999. I love my job making wooden spoons, spurtles, and spatulas. I have been in several major magazines and have sold products to many top celebrities. For the last two years, one of my spurtles has been a top selling utensil in the United States.


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Julien Bissonnette Lapierre
30 days ago
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about 1 month ago
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S Gene
2 months ago
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4 months ago
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5 months ago
I wish you a great New Year with health and luck!! My latest idea…Kids plate with drink bottle, thanks!
todd wilberdon
7 months ago
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Somya Mishra
Somya Mishra
7 months ago
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Gentle Being
8 months ago
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gary schwartz
gary schwartz
over 1 year ago
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