Submitting an idea

It all starts here, folks. If you’ve got an incredible invention idea, submit it to our community and one day it could end up on store shelves. Check out our blog for tips on creating top notch ideas: The strongest ideas are well researched, easy to understand, something Quirky makes and can be built with modern technology.

Whether you already have a patent or just drew your idea on a napkin this morning, we’re happy to receive it, so long as it’s a physical consumer product.

To submit your idea for consideration, you first need to create an account. Once you have joined our community, submit your idea using our submission form.

Pitch Your Idea

We’ll begin by asking you to give us a short introduction to your idea. Provide a brief title, choose the category your idea falls under, and craft the best 110 character elevator pitch you can come up with. Make sure it’s clean, concise, and as descriptive as possible. If you need help with your pitch, check out our writing tips on the Quirky blog.

Give A Description

Describe the problem the world faces without your idea and explain the solution you are proposing to solve that problem. We’ve included character limits to help you stay within a manageable length, so pay attention to your remaining character count as you write. To help your evaluators understand it, provide links to any comparable products that may solve a similar problem.

Add Visuals

The last thing you will do is attach any images or videos to your submission. Neither is required, but your submission will receive way more support if you have at least one visual. In fact, we've previously written about the importance of visuals on the Quirky blog! As they say, a picture’s worth a thousand words.

Voting on ideas

Once an invention idea is submitted, the Quirky community steps in to evaluate it.

Think of the whole submission process as a giant funnel. We receive thousands of ideas every week and would love to provide personalized feedback on every single one. Until the day when we have the manpower to tackle that feat, we rely heavily on the community.

As a community member on Quirky, you have a few tools at your disposal to provide meaningful, constructive feedback to fellow inventors:

Invent page

Community members can apply filters to sort ideas on the Invent page by submission date or category. During the 7 days each idea is live on Quirky, you can vote for it immediately (thumbs up or down) or view it to learn more about it.

Thumbs Up & Thumbs Down

Go ahead and give an invention a thumbs up if you like it and want to see it on store shelves. If you're thinking, "nahh," then select the thumbs down option. If you do, you'll be prompted to select the reason why you're not a fan.

Idea pages

Each submitted idea has its own page. There are three ways to interact with it:

1) Vote on it. Give the inventor a "good vibes" boost with a thumbs up—or express concern over ideas you don’t think have potential with a thumbs down.

2) Join the conversation. Select “community feedback” to see what people are saying. The inventor can get in on the action as well, engaging critics and fans in a hearty discussion about what is good, bad, and (hopefully not) ugly about the idea.

3) Show us what else is out there. The “similar products” tab helps true inventions stand out. See comparable existing products that others have found or add a new link of your own. If the idea is similar to something previously submitted on Quirky, add a link to let us know! For more on our similar submission guidelines, head on over to Intellectual Property.

How ideas get picked by Quirky

If your idea is good enough and has enough support, it could very well be chosen for development (cue slow clap). Before it does though, it has to go through a staff and community review process. Even if your idea isn’t made into a real product the first time around, you’ll receive valuable feedback from Quirky and your peers online. Use it to refine your idea or to submit an entirely new one!

There are a couple of major steps on the road to selection:


Right after submitting your invention, it jumps into line to be looked over by our screening staff. During screening, we just want to make sure that your invention is suitable for This process can take up to 3 days (we get a lot of ideas!). Head over to our screening section to learn more!

Live on

Once your invention get through screening, it will be live on the site for 7 days. During that time, other members of the community are able to review, comment and vote (thumbs up or down) on your idea.

It's Expired

After those 7 days are up, your idea is removed from public view and is exclusively visible to you and Quirky staff. If Quirky likes your idea and would like to move it through to Expert Review (ER), notification via email ( will typically occur within 1-2 weeks of expiration. However, your idea -unless deleted- is archived on the Quirky platform, allowing staff to perform keyword archive searches. It is possible your idea can be moved to Expert Review outside of that 2 week window.

Expert Review

Each week, Quirky employees choose ideas to move into Expert Review (again, you are contacted via email if your idea moves forward). During this stage, a group of industry experts meet to dig deep into the ideas and decide which ones have what it takes to move on to Eval, our live product evaluation. If an idea makes it to Expert Review or Eval, but isn’t ultimately chosen to become a Quirky invention, the inventor will be given feedback collected from the experts that reviewed it.


Eval is our weekly ritual: a live product evaluation that’s broadcast from the Quirky headquarters in New York. Every Thursday at 7pm ET, the community gathers on to help us choose which ideas will make it into development. We vote in-house, but we rely heavily on our online viewers to participate by gauging the world’s interests, determining potential price points, and acting as tie-breakers if the staff is split on an idea. Inventions chosen at Eval progress to the next stage of the Quirky process and are one step closer to becoming real products. In short, it’s pretty freaking awesome.

Intellectual Property

How am I protected?

There are several factors that mitigate the copying of product ideas submitted to the Quirky platform. First, our Terms and Conditions prohibit use of content found on outside of the Quirky process. Second, initial idea submissions are often too conceptual to be readily converted into a product without significant design and development. Third, in many instances we move our products from idea to distribution quickly enough to retain a first-mover advantage in the marketplace over any would-be copycats.

Do I have to have a patent to submit?

An issued patent or pending patent application is not a necessary prerequisite, nor do such items guarantee submission acceptance. However, we do consider this information when reviewing product ideas.

What if I already have a patent?

By submitting your idea, you grant a license to all IP in the submission to Quirky and the Quirky community to consider and comment on your submission within the platform. If we accept your submission for further development and possibly eventual commercialization, you assign ownership of all IP in the submission to Quirky.

Why does Quirky need to own all IP in accepted idea submissions? Is this negotiable?

In order to successfully develop and commercialize a product, we must devote significant resources and accept exposure to a multitude of legal risks. We can’t sustain this level of investment and risk taking without having the ability to control the exploitation of IP embodied in Quirky products. In return for ownership of IP in a commercialized product, we’ll pay the contributing user a perpetual royalty commensurate with the degree of contribution. At this time, we do not negotiate this rate with members of our community.

Can Quirky help me get a patent?

We don't offer standalone-patenting services. However, if your idea is selected and green lighted throughout the process, our legal team will take on the task of both protecting the idea and/or ensuring that it doesn't infringe on any existing IP.

What if someone submits the same idea as mine?

With so many ideas coming to Quirky every day, it’s inevitable that two inventors will submit something similar. When they do, both can add their ideas to the “Similar Products” section of the other submission. We gauge similarity on the key details of the invention and choose the oldest of the two if they are considered similar. If two ideas are virtually the same and one is selected for Eval, so long as the other was submitted first, shares key details with the second, and was added to the Similar Products section of the more recent submission, we will bring the older idea to Eval.

Why does Quirky pass on an idea?

Quirky receives many ideas every day, but we can't make it all! Here are the top reasons why Quirky passes on an idea.

Already Exists

Quirky is first and foremost an invention company. That means we’re looking for brand-spanking new ideas. If we determine the problem you identified is already adequately solved, or we don’t think the idea is enough of an improvement over what exists, we’ll pass on it. Here’s what mean by an idea already exists:

-Virtually the same product is being sold already
-Current products solve the problem in a better way
-A published patent or concept already exists for the idea
-Quirky has or is developing a product solving the same problem
-The idea is not different enough to compete in an already saturated market
-The idea combines different existing features together without a clear benefit

Make sure your idea is one of a kind before submitting. Search the web for existing patents, products, and concepts, and browse the Quirky Concept Portfolio to see what we already have in the works.

Not Necessary

Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should! We’ve decided your idea is either too complicated, excessive, doesn’t solve a real problem, or combines existing features together without clear benefit. All-in-all, it just isn’t in the right product or category fit for Quirky. Quirky will invest thousands of dollars into any project we take on, so we need to find it truly compelling.

Solves a Small Problem

You’ve identified a problem, but it’s a really small one. We just don’t think an issue of this size warrants a whole new product. We want to be confident that we’re putting an end to predicaments felt all around the world.

Caters to a Niche Market

While we love trying new things, some ideas target markets that are just too niche. In other words, your idea is so specific that only a super-small subset of the population will benefit from it. Oftentimes, a niche market is most appropriate for a company that focuses solely on one product and a small consumer market, but some small markets are too limiting for Quirky.

Requires Infeasible Technology

You’re ahead of your time! Unfortunately, we believe the technology or genius required to make your product doesn’t currently exist. If you’ve done groundbreaking work that proves the feasibility of your idea, by all means, let us know. Otherwise, we encourage you to do additional research on how to make your idea a reality using existing technology.

Doesn't Fit Into Our Current Product Lines

We are always looking to expand our wheelhouse and add new product lines. Unfortunately we can’t do it all at once. Your idea might not fit in with our current business units, but the great news is we are constantly referring back to our archives as we expand. We might not be working on products in this area currently, but if you have a great idea we may be contacting you in the future.

Idea Submission Guidelines

Quirky receives tons of idea submissions every day. As much as we love fresh ideas, they’re not all a good fit for us. There are a handful of requirements your invention must meet before we can show it to the world on Quirky:

Must be your own

You must be the original creator of the idea submission and have the exclusive right to submit it to Quirky. You agree not to upload images that belong to someone else as a part of your idea, even if you’ve been given permission. If you want someone else’s idea to become a reality through Quirky, please ask them to post it.

Must be original

Quirky is first and foremost an invention company. That means we’re looking for brand-spanking new ideas. We’re not interested in making products that already exist, and we’ll reject any ideas that have the following qualities:

-Virtually the same product is being sold already
-Current products solve the problem in a better way
-A published patent or concept already exists for the idea
-Quirky has or is developing a product solving the same problem
-The idea is not different enough to compete in an already saturated market
-The idea combines different existing features together without a clear benefit

Make sure your idea is one of a kind before submitting. Search the web for existing patents, products, and concepts, and browse the Concept Portfolio to see what we already have in the works.

Must be complete - no placeholders

While you may edit content after submitting your idea, please don't submit incomplete ideas or placeholders. Incomplete submissions with minimal images and text or ones that say "images coming soon" (or something similar) are not permitted and will not “reserve” your idea for the future.

Keep it appropriate

Invention ideas related to the below topics do not fit our brand values and will not be approved for publication on Quirky. We will decide how a submission fits these standards at our discretion.

-Politics and political symbols
-Religious references including symbols, buildings, or people
-Sex, drugs, or smoking
-Death, killing, blood, terrorism, or torture
-Racism, bullying, or cruelty to animals
-Contesting Quirky policies, procedures, and decisions made by staff

Make it clear and legible

Clear grammar and spelling are essential to our ability to understand your idea. Your submission title, description, problem, and solution text should be clearly understood and in the proper case. Do not use ALL CAPS, all lowercase, MiXEd cAsE, txtspeak, or gratuitous punctuation!!!??! Also, please make sure your submission is in English!

Must be something we'll make

Quirky is a consumer product company which means we make tangible products for the average person. Ideas for new businesses, industrial products, packaging concepts, software, or stand-alone apps just won't fly. There are also a few types of consumer products we currently do not accept, including food items, industrial products, clothing, medical devices, chemicals, weapons, or tobacco/drug related products. For a full list of inventions we don't make, head to our Screening section.

Invention Challenges

What’s an Invention Challenge?
A Quirky Invention Challenge asks the community to focus their creative energy on submitting ideas for one particular topic. Topics may include a specific product category, innovation, holiday, market, or technology. Sometimes we partner with brands, such as The Home Depot, General Electric, and Real Simple, and sometimes we think them up all on our own! See our open invention challenges here.

What if I have already submitted an idea that’s perfect for a current Invention Challenge? Do I need to resubmit it through the Invention Challenge landing page?
Yes, please! But should you forget, we’ll always run an archive search to find ideas that may have already been submitted.

Why should I submit my idea to an Invention Challenge?
When we issue an Invention Challenge, we’re basically giving you a big ol’ hint about what we’re interested in exploring. It stands to reason that we’ll be looking at submissions to Invention Challenges with an extra careful eye.

What happens to my idea once I submit it to an Invention Challenge?
Invention Challenge submissions are treated just like any other idea submission. Brush up on our policy right here.



Invention screening is the process by which Quirky staff identify inventions that aren’t suited for our collaboration platform.

When is an invention screened?

Right when you submit your invention, it jumps into the screening queue. The screening staff have 3 days to publish or screen your invention before it is automatically pushed live onto

What do you screen for?

When looking at a submission, we are able to screen an invention for one of two reasons: Illegible and We don’t make it.

“Illegible” encompasses the following four reasons:

- Not in English: we can currently only accept ideas in English
- We Couldn’t Understand it: too many grammar and spelling errors that preclude us from understanding the invention
- Incomplete: the invention is not sufficiently explained in the problem and/or solution paragraph(s)
- Offensive: anything determined inappropriate for (see terms & conditions)

“We don’t make it” gets a bit more complicated:

- Ideas for New Businesses: ideas for businesses or business plans
- Purely Cosmetic Innovation: minor design tweaks to pre-existing products
- Branded Merchandise: using other company brands, trademarks, etc.
- Ideas for Marketing: marketing plans and advertising
- Industrial Products: commercial products that have limited/no consumer uses
- Packaging Concepts: ideas for packaging an existing or proposed product
- Software: digital products
- Standalone Apps: we make app-enabled products, but not standalone apps
- Food Items: self-explanatory
- Apparel: Items that would need to be made in multiple sizes
- Chemicals: harmful substances
- Offensive Weapons: inventions that can cause serious bodily harm, guns, or gun related products
- Tobacco/Drug-related Products: cigarette, e-cigarette, illegal drugs, etc.
- Commercial Maritime, Aviation & Automobile: inventions that apply to commercial transportation, or factory-installed automotive products
- Ideas for Making Quirky Better: head over to our forums to voice your opinion
- Line Extensions for Products Still in Development: if you’d like to submit a line extension for a Quirky product, wait until it hits store shelves to submit

Code of Conduct

Quirky is a productive community of creators, makers, and breakers. As is the case with all communities, you’re bound to encounter some people who you don’t exactly want to be besties with—and that’s totally fine! But to keep everything in order, we ask our community...


Engage, discuss,or promote illegal activity of any kind.

Post someone’s personal information.

Repost removed or deleted information: Regardless of content, the post was removed for a reason and should stay removed.

Post private correspondence without explicit consent of the other party: This goes for community members as well as Quirky staff.

Make intentionally rude, offensive, racist, sexist, lewd, or bigoted comments: By refraining, you help maintain good vibes on

Troll: A troll makes statements with the deliberate intent of provoking others or starting arguments. Asking other members to troll for you is also forbidden.

Spam: There are three types:

1. Repeated posting of outside business ventures
2. Invention vote pleads: posting or sending messages (private, public) asking people to vote for your submission
3. Rampant posting: as an equal opportunity community, we want to hear from everyone, from newbies to our veterans! If our staff find you to be seriously out-posting your compatriots (in the forums, for example) in a manner that does not promote healthy forum interaction, we'll reach out and kindly explain the situation. If necessary, we may restrict user permissions.

Post copyrighted material without permission.

E-fight: If someone is giving you a hard time, report them to, and refrain from further engagement.

**Violations are addressed by the community management team via email on a three-strike basis. Three strikes will result in a two-week suspension. Three violations after a suspension will result in permanent banning. Quirky staff reserve the right to ban on site in extreme circumstances (phishing attempts, incessant spammers, etc.).


Read the Idea Submission Guidelines before submitting: One of the most common reasons an invention is rejected is because it violates these guidelines.

Get involved: Quirky is teaming with people just like you, everyday folks looking for a way to get their inventions out into the world. Get to know others, share ideas, and participate in our shared mission: making invention accessible.

Make comments that have substance: Telling fellow inventors, “I agree,” “Voted!” or “TU, GL!” (thumbs up, good luck!) is nice, but in many cases adds nothing of value to the discussion. Thoughtful, constructive criticism isn’t just encouraged, it’s loved!

Keep comments and posts relevant to the subject of discussion.

Vote. If you see an invention that you’d want to buy or that you think the world needs, vote for it!

Remember, there’s a real person behind every avatar: It’s easy to get caught up in online conversations when you’re just sittings in front of a screen. It’s best to ask yourself, “Would I say this to someone’s face?” before posting.

When in doubt, ask: If you have any questions about acceptable Quirky behavior, just ask! We’re here and happy to help.

Quirky Experts

Collaboration with our community is what makes Quirky inventions great. To make them even better, we're looking for experts--community members with experience in product-related fields to play a bigger part in the future of invention.

What's in it for you, expert? We're so glad you asked...

You'll get to participate in exclusive, expert-only influence projects; be able to connect with peers in your industry; and gain higher access to the development process.

By fielding questions that arise during final stages of Quirky product development, you'll have even more opportunities to earn money from the inventions you weigh in on.

Go ahead, show off a little! Your comments will be highlighted all over Quirky and your profile will be decorated with a shiny Expert badge for all to admire.

Head over to our Quirky Experts landing page for more information and to submit your application!

Join the Community

What makes Quirky Quirky? Easy! Our community.

The community--people who join, submit, influence, and even shop on Quirky--has a vested interest in our success.

People join communities for all kinds of reasons, but most of all, we find that people come and participate on Quirky with the same shared goal: invention. Whether you like to invent, give thoughtful feedback to others, or simply enjoy witnessing the joys of people being creative together, we welcome you with open arms.

The community as a whole is also a fantastic resource for anything Quirky or invention-related. You'll find that a lot of our community members have been around since the very beginning (2009!), so they know a thing or two, and love helping out our newest members get situated.

Come hang out with us in the new-and-improved Quirky Forums.

If you'd like to participate in the discussion (which we really hope you will!), simply log into your Quirky account then head over.

What is influence?

Influence is a measure of your contributions to the development of a product. Think of it as points that will earn you money when we sell the product! Each percentage of influence you earn also earns you a share of the net revenue when the product starts selling.

Quirky shares a percentage of all product net revenues with the community of people that helped bring them to life!

The table above shows the percent of a product's net revenue that is reserved for the community of people that helped make that particular product.

The column labeled Quirky Product refers to all products for which Quirky produces, manufactures, designs, distributes, and owns the IP.

Royalty Based IP Transactions are products that are commercialized through a partner where we are paid based upon revenue received by the partner. The percentage here is based on the revenue received by the partner, not what Quirky receives! This is how we structure “Powered by Quirky", or PbQ, deals.

Non Royalty Based IP Transaction describes the purchase of an idea by a partner. In this situation, the price is not tied to how much the partner will make from the sales of that product.

Note: Keep in mind that these numbers only apply to ideas submitted after February 17th, 2015. Before that, the share of revenue that is reserved for the community for that particular idea depends on whatever the Terms and Conditions stated when you submitted the idea! When Quirky was focused on selling products through's direct e-commerce engine, the percentage was a little higher.

Any community member who played a part in bringing a product to market gets a piece of that royalty pie, with the size of their piece varying depending on how much they contributed to the development of the product (i.e. "influence"). Each product starts out with 100% influence across multiple development projects. There are different size pieces of pie available depending on what you do to help develop a product.


Idea Submissions (40.5%)

Got an awesome idea that you can't wait to reveal to the Quirky community? If your idea takes off and is picked for development, you'll receive the largest percentage of influence and the largest royalty when the finished product starts flying off shelves. For more on inventing, check out this handy dandy overview. Submitting a chosen invention idea earns you 40.5% of the available influence for an idea submission.

Don't forget, you can always up your share of the influence in your product idea by participating in other development projects. Read about Research Projects, Design Projects, etc. to learn more about them.

Community members are also invited to search the web for products that are similar to those they evaluate on Quirky. Simply choose Similar Products on any idea page and add a new link of your own. You'll share 4.05% of the influence on every idea chosen at Eval with other similar product finders. This part of the idea page can also be used to let us know if an idea is similar to something previously submitted on Quirky, though these links won't earn you influence in the idea.

Research Projects (5%)

As with any good project, research is the starting point for realizing a great idea. During this stage of development, we are interested in discovering consumer preferences, potential use cases, and design directions for a new product. We will ask you questions straight from our design staff or the inventors themselves.

Of course, we don’t expect you to share your knowledge for free: By sharing your insights with us you’ll earn yourself some influence! All participants split 5% amongst themselves. The more questions you complete, the more influence you will earn!

Design Projects (5%)

Once we have all the research data we need, we will open a design project. We can’t launch three new products a week without your help! This is your opportunity to show off your sketching or rendering skills.

Don’t hold back: Think big and bold about your designs, just as long as they remain relevant to the product. The most successful design submissions include an image: Take the time to draw something great. You have three opportunities to submit a winning design.

Out of the 5% influence reserved for this project, 3% will be yours for the taking if you submit an idea for a new feature or improvement that is used in the final product. There can be more than one chosen design idea, so it’s possible you may share that 3% with other designers.

Even if you are not artistically inclined, or you really love someone else’s submission, you can always vote for other ideas. You have three votes for submissions you think enhance the product the most. If you vote for a design submission that is incorporated into the final product, you will split 2% influence with your peers who also voted for it.

Name Projects (5%)

Every product needs a name, and who better to pick it than the folks who helped design it? Submit up to 3 of your own names for consideration and you will earn 3% influence if one is picked. Make sure to read the Creative Director’s notes near the bottom of the page to get a clear sense for what we are looking for and how you should be thinking about your names.

You can help us pick a name as well. You will compare two names side by side and choose the one you think best fits the product.

Complete 20 sets of names and you split 2% influence with other participants in the project. Feel free to keep comparing names after completing your first twenty.

After the project closes, we go through the top ranked names and pick the one that best fits the design aesthetic of the final product. The winning name will appear on the products packaging and on any promotional or press material associated with it.

How We Judge Similar Names

The following differences with Name submissions are considered similar, and automatically eliminated by our system:

Punctuation (periods, exclamation marks, commas, etc)
Spacing (leading, after, in-between)
Case (Upper, lower)
Names of Existing Products

The following differences with Name submissions are NOT considered similar, and therefore not automatically eliminated by our system:

Articles (the, a, your, my, etc)
Spelling/Misspelling (read, reed, reeed)
Plurals (read, reads)
Explanation (Name “this name means”)*

Names must be absolutely identical in order for any type of winner dispute to be reviewed.

In the unlikely event that two absolutely identical names are entered, the first in time (according to the # of submission) will be the winner. NOT the highest community voted choice.

*If two identical names appear in the system and one has additional character explanation, we will mark the name without additional characters as the winner, whether or not it is first in Community Votes or time.

Tagline Projects (5%)

A product's name may give it an identity, but the tagline gives it character. Submit up to 3 of your own for consideration, and if one gets picked, you’ll earn 3% influence for your creative contribution. Make sure to read the Creative Director’s notes near the bottom of the page to get a clear sense for what we are looking for and how you should be thinking about your taglines.

You can help us pick the best possible tagline as well. You’ll compare two side by side and choose the one you think best fits the product.

Complete 20 sets of taglines and you’ll split 2% influence with the other participants in the project. You are more than welcome to keep ranking taglines after completing your first twenty.

After the project closes, we’ll go through the top ranked taglines and pick the one that best fits the design aesthetic of the final product.

How We Judge Similar Taglines

The following differences with Tagline submissions are considered similar, and automatically eliminated by our system:

Punctuation (periods, exclamation marks, commas, etc)
Spacing (leading, after, in-between)
Case (Upper, lower)
Taglines of Existing Products

The following differences with Tagline submissions are NOT considered similar, and therefore not automatically eliminated by our system:

Articles (the, a, your, my, etc)
Spelling/Misspelling (read, reed, reeed)
Plurals (read, reads)
Explanation (Tagline “this tagline means”)*

Taglines must be absolutely identical in order for any type of winner dispute to be reviewed.

In the unlikely event that two absolutely identical taglines are entered, the first in time (according to the # of submission) will be the winner. NOT the highest community voted choice.

*If two identical taglines appear in the system and one has additional character explanation, we will mark the tagline without additional characters as the winner, whether or not it is first in Community Votes or time.

Style Projects (5%)

Time to make that product pretty! With this project we decide on the finishing touches for our newest products.

Specifically, your job will be to help us select the right colors and materials to use. Our design team provides the choices, and you vote for your favorites.

We give you three votes to put towards whichever choice you think is best suited for the final product. If you vote for the option that is picked by Quirky staff, you’ll split 5% influence with other voters who did the same.

Concept Portfolio Projects (5%)

Before it hits store shelves, a product first has to appear on the Portfolio page. Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday we unveil three finalized product concepts to the world. Products featured here aren’t quite ready for purchase, but have been fully designed and are complete with a name and tagline.

In addition to being a gallery, the Portfolio page is also a project in the development process. There you help us set product prices and to stay abreast of what products will soon be on store shelves.

Price Project

We need your help determining the perfect price point: Tell us what you think would be too much, what would be too little, and what would make a great bargain. You will have 7 days after the product launches to participate, so be sure to jump in! You’ll share 5% influence with other pricers.

In Manufacturing

When we are confident of a product’s retail potential, we’ll slap an “In Manufacturing” stamp on it. When a product receives this coveted stamp, it means we are ready to get our hands dirty and really ramp up the work we’re doing behind the scenes to make it ready for purchase. This entails aspects of product development such as engineering, tooling, and manufacturing that do not involve the community but are absolutely essential to bringing the product to life.

Our invention ambassadors do their best to keep our community members up-todate on each product’s progress during this post-development stage. They will post regular updates about prototypes and tests run by our product team to the product’s timeline, so be sure to check back periodically to see what’s new.

Enhance Projects (25%)

No one product is the same and some may require more development projects than others to reach completion. From engineering challenges to concept consolidation, we’ll open Enhance Projects when a product requires special attention.

Earn influence by submitting or voting on your favorite submissions, depending on the needs of the project. 25% will be divided amongst projects, with increments ranging from 10 to 5% split by the project's participants.

How do I sign up?

Create an account using the signup form on the Quirky Homepage, or click Sign Up in the top right corner of any Quirky page. Read our Terms and Conditions, enter in the required information (or sign up with Facebook), activate your account through your email, and you’re good to go!

How do I change my email settings?

We want to be your best friend, but we also understand that you might not want to hear from us all the time. You can choose how involved you want to be by controlling your email settings here.

How do I check my account balance?

Log into and your name should appear in the top right corner of each page. Click it, and select View Your Profile. You can also select Settings from the drop down and hop over to the Balance tab.

What’s this I hear about a profile?

Linked with each action you take on Quirky, your profile displays your interests and expertise, current submissions to the site, influence and earnings, and a glimpse of your Quirky inventor network. Use this to keep tabs on your activity and connect with the community. After logging in to, you can access your profile by hovering over your name in the upper righthand corner and clicking View Your Profile.

What are followers?

Followers are community members who want to keep up with your activity on Quirky. Follow them back to build your inventor network and exchange private messages with potential collaborators or supporters of your ideas. Generally, you can only send messages to community members who are also following you, but you can opt to let anyone send you a message, regardless of follower status, at the bottom of the page here.

How do I deactivate my account?

If that’s really what you want to do, send an email to and we’ll deactivate your account for you. Hopefully you'll reconsider.

How many products has Quirky brought to market, and where are they sold?

We’ve launched over one hundred unique products to our shop to date. They are sold directly through our website as well as through major and speciality retailers around the world. Our retail partners include: Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, The Home Depot, Best Buy,, ThinkGeek,, Williams-Sonoma, The Container Store, Auchan, and the list goes on.

I want to buy a product! How will it be shipped?

We offer a few different shipping options with UPS. Shipping costs vary by weight, but you will always be able to see your order’s shipping cost on the checkout page. Here are the shipping options we provide within the continental United States:

UPS Ground starting at $7.50

UPS 2 Day starting at $10.50

UPS Next Day starting at 16.50

For shipping to Canada:

UPS Canada Ground starting at $18.50

Do you ship outside of North America?

We sure do. Just indicate your country of origin at checkout. We currently offer international shipping via the following option:

FedEx International Economy (2-9 days), starting at $29.99

Please note that international shipments may be subject to import taxes upon arrival. Unfortunately, Quirky has no control over that cost.

After I place an order, when will my product arrive?

If a product is in the Shop, the order will usually ship within 24 hours if placed Monday through Thursday before 2pm ET. One thing we want to emphasize: If a product you order is not in stock, your credit card will be authorized, but it won’t be charged until your order is ready to ship. However, payments made through PayPal will be processed at the time the order is placed.

Once your order is in transit, delivery time will vary based on shipping method. Please note that shipping for international orders can be delayed by customs regulations:

UPS Ground – 2-7 business days

UPS 2 Day – 2 business days

UPS Next Day – 1 business day

FedEx International – 2-9 business days

Make sure you take note of the product’s availability. We’ll ship stocked items first, followed by separate shipments for any backordered products.

How can I check the status of my order?

You can view your order status by logging into Quirky, clicking on your name in the top right, and selecting Check Order Status. Email order-specific questions to and we’ll help you out as best we can.

What if I have a question that isn’t covered here?

Your fellow community members are ready and willing to help! The best place to find answers is our community forums. Still confused? Shoot an email to or call 1-866-5QUIRKY (1-866-578-4759) to speak with one of our friendly Community Support Representatives.

I have an invention. What can you guys do for me?

We're looking for unique and functional physical consumer products that make our lives better, faster, and funner. Our process and product portfolios are always evolving with the help of our online community, staff, and retail partners. Sign up for an account to submit your invention idea, develop future Quirky products, and to connect with the community. When we start selling the products you helped develop, we’ll pay you!

How much does it cost?

You can submit your ideas for FREE! But don’t take this lightly. If you really want a shot at inventing the next great consumer product, you have to do your homework. So research, research, research, and take some extra time to really refine your ideas before you submit them. Some great tips for crafting your idea submission are available here.

How long does it take?

Once your idea is submitted, the community will have 7 days to vote for it and collaborate with you. Quirky staff patrol all expired idea submissions for concepts to push forward into Expert Review.

If Quirky is interested in your idea, you will be notified via email (from so check your Junk mail), typically within 1-2 weeks of expiration. However, since we have the ability to archive search all ideas submitted to, it is possible communication will occur outside of that 1-2 week window.

From the ideas in ER (Expert Review), Quirky staff will then decide whether or not to take your invention idea to our Live Product Evaluation (Eval). If chosen at Eval (every Thursday at 7pm EST), our expert Product team will work with you and the community to develop your idea into a real product. For an overview of the Quirky process, click here.

What do I get out of this?

Even if an idea you submit isn't picked for development, you'll receive valuable feedback from the community simply for submitting it, and from the staff if it makes it into Expert Review. This helps you refine your idea and gives an indication of its marketability.

If you do invent a product that is chosen at Eval, or simply help us bring one to market by participating in collaboration projects, you’ll earn Influence. Think of Influence as a share in the final product, for which you receive a portion of the revenue when it starts selling. We share 10% of the revenue of gross sales for every product sold with our influencers. Your share is the influence you earned multiplied by 10% of the product’s price.

I’m sold. How do I submit my idea?

Great question. We have a section dedicated to exactly that.

What types of ideas can I submit?

We focus on physical consumer products, so please don’t submit business ideas, new foods, or standalone software. Always be sure to ask yourself: Will my product make people’s lives better? How will it work? Will it stand the test of time? Will people buy it? (These are some of the questions we’ll be asking.)

What's the difference? Concept Portfolio products vs. items in the Shop

Products in the Concept Portfolio section have completed our collaborative development process, but are not being manufactured and sold just yet. When a product launches to this page, we start collecting pricing data from the community to match against manufacturer quotes, while our Strategy & Retail teams gauge market interest. Once we’re sure that we can market and sell the product successfully, it will be given an “In Manufacturing” stamp, which means that it is moving one step closer to production.

How do I get paid?

You have at least $50 in your Quirky account and you're ready to start requesting payouts. Here's all you'll ever need (and want) to know about Quirky payouts.

Are you a U.S. Citizen or U.S. Resident Alien?

You’ll need a Quirky Payee Information Form (QPIF) with one of the following options checked:

- Direct Deposit/ACH
- Wire Transfer ($30 fee for each payout!)
- Check
- Signed W-9

Not a U.S. Citizen?

You’ll need a QPIF form with one of the following options checked:

- Wire transfer ($30 fee for each payout!)
- Check
- W-8 form* that applies to you (in payee packet)
- A SS#, EIN, or ITIN**
- W-7 form*** (NOT for Quirky use, strictly for IRS to apply for a ITIN if you don’t have or want one)
- We can provide you with necessary letter to apply for ITIN
- After you get the ITIN, you can fill in Field #6 on your W-8

*We do not make recommendations as to which W-8 form to fill out. A tax professional would be able to help.
**If you cannot or do not wish to obtain an ITIN, Quirky you may be subject to tax withholding plus any fees associated (i.e. $30 wire fee)
***You will be subject to pay any tax treaties for your country

More Helpful Info:

- You can fill out the forms electronically! Once we send you your payout packet, click File > Save Page As PDF (otherwise it will send as a blank document).
- When your forms are good to go, your payee status will move to “Approved.” You will then be able to start requesting payouts (min. threshold of $50).
- Forms are processed within 7 business days.
- Paypal is not an approved form of payment at this time, sorry.
- Payouts are processed within 7 business days of being requested.
- Once processed, funds will take 1-2 business days to deposit into your account for Direct Deposit/ACH and Wire Transfer.
- Checks can take up to 2-3 weeks to be processed and delivered.

Need something payout-related? : payout inquiries, checking status of your payout request : QPIF forms, ITIN letter requests, checking status of your forms

How does Quirky judge similar invention submissions?

Similar Products & Similar Invention Ideas occur organically in the world--it's a fact of life. Enter: The Influence Council. Comprised of both Quirky staff and elected community members, the council is tasked with determining if two products are similar AND if one was influenced by the other. Tough cookies, to be sure!


1. The Influence Council (IC) only reviews claims against ideas that have either been placed in Expert Review, or are going to Eval.

2. IC only reviews claims that are submitted to the Similars Claim Form

3. If you did not submit the above form properly, you will be informed via email and your claim thrown out. You may resubmit, though.

4. The strongest claims are against ideas that were submitted after yours. If your idea is "younger," provide a full explanation of why you're challenging in the form. You can check your idea's submission date by hovering your mouse on the clock icon.

5. IC only reviews inventions that went LIVE on (i.e. got through the screening stage).

6. IC only reviews claims submitted for review (i.e, it does not review or request reviews on behalf of others).

7. Community members have until an invention is on pre-sale or on sale to submit a claim. If the challenged product is on pre-sale/sale, it can no longer be challenged.

8. There is a 3-challenge limit on inventions. If an invention has been challenged 3 times (for inventorship, surfacing influence or morphing), with the result of no influence change, claimants are no longer able to file against that invention. This measure is is in place to ensure claims are productive rather than repetitive. Inventions no longer eligible for challenge:
- Smart Whole House Water Meter by Mike Henry
- Doorbell Chime - Wink by MichaelS
- Chrono by Laura Doty


1. Here is the current IC Roster.

2. Claims are evaluated in the order they are received. There may be a wait period of 1-2 weeks, depending on volume.

3. IC meetings happen every Tuesday at 10am EST unless otherwise noted.

4. All IC communication comes from the Community Management team.

5. You will be notified via email as to whether or not your claim will be evaluated (typically not evaluated because the idea was not picked at Eval, etc.)

6. If the idea you're claiming against is still live, you must submit it to the “Similar Products” tab of the other Invention Submission.

7. The Influence Council bases their decisions on details included in the idea submissions and the request form (NOT side chats, emails etc.).

8. Influence is only awarded for submissions that are determined to be actually influential in developing a product.

Questions can be sent to

Voting--How it works

These are votes that the IC will take:


Inventorship or potential Inventorship change
a) Quirky and/or one idea is deemed to be influenced by another
b) A similar or like-idea is swapped out for Eval presentation


Inventorship or potential Inventorship does not change
a) No clear cut evidence that Quirky and/or one idea was influenced by another.
b) The idea submission is from a ubiquitous product space and therefore there are too many possible outside influencers to determine if one idea was specifically influenced by another.


Influence Splits
It is determined that influence should be shared. IC determines splits based on facts presented via forms and original submissions. This scenario can happen in addition to one of the items above.

Good to know...

We have included "use cases" in the submission form only for added context.
Use cases are NOT a determining factor for deciding if one idea was influenced by another and/or if the two ideas are the same. We will adjust the form to make these optional inputs.

We rely on features and functions + the original submission.
Features and functions represent the core of the idea. (A hammer is a hammer regardless of whether it is hammering a nail into a wall or hammering a piece of wood into place during a construction project.)


As a company, Quirky’s mission is to make invention accessible by helping inventors overcome obstacles they can’t tackle alone. We also strive to help them understand their full potential as makers, and the amazing things they can accomplish if they put their minds to it.

In addition to our submission, evaluation, and influence platform, the Quirky Blog is a great place to find helpful resources on a wide variety of topics ranging from tips on design, to tutorials for tools that can help you build world class renders of your invention ideas. All of this is conveniently organized under the tag “Quirky University”.

You’ll find this veritable trove of inventing knowledge by clicking Blog at the bottom of this page. Once on the Quirky Blog homepage, type “Quirky University” into search bar below your name in the top right of the page and hit enter to start learning.

To help you down the path to inventing wisdom, we’ve put together a collection of the most useful pieces for new inventors. If you want to learn best practices for inventing with Quirky, click on Crafting your submission in the menu to the left. If you have the submission part down but want to start thinking like a designer, our Design tips are a great resource.

Crafting your submission

Invention Ideas That We Like (But See All The Time)

We receive a ton of ideas each week and it’s not uncommon for us to see the same ones over and over again. This piece was the first in a three part series discussing ideas that are submitted to Quirky all the time. Some we have already chosen, while others exist in one form or another.

More Invention Ideas That We Like (But See All The Time)

This second installment in the series expands on the list of ideas we regularly see but rarely choose. Review this list and the first to get a sense for what’s been done and what tends to be rejected.

Ideas We See All The Time

In the latest entry of the series, we highlight 8 idea submission themes we're consistently seeing on the Quirky platform. The post provides a valuable insight into idea submissions trends from a staff perspective, and could help you understand why we're not moving forward with those types of ideas.

Crafting Your Idea Submission: Research Research Research

We host a Research project as part of the product development process, but extensive research is also essential to coming up with a new invention idea in the first place. The best ideas are well thought out and loaded with supporting information gained through investigation.

Crafting Your Idea Submission: Perfecting The 140 Character Pitch

Your 140 character pitch is one of the first things your idea’s evaluators will see, so it’s important to get it right the first time. In this piece we discuss what goes into a great pitch and give tips for crafting your own.

Crafting Your Idea Submission: The Importance of Visuals

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this is especially true when inventing new product ideas. Your 140 character pitch may be the first written words someone sees, but the image you use will be the first thing to catch an evaluator’s eye.

Design tips

Design Tip: Know What Is Possible

Inventing isn’t easy. You want to come up with something new and novel, but unless you are an engineer you may not be fluent in the technical feasibility of your ideas. In this piece we discuss why it’s important to research whether or not an idea is possible with existing technology before submitting it for consideration to the Quirky community.

Design Tip: Hold Your Own Brainstorm

Follow an easy brainstorming process to develop and refine your own invention ideas. Brainstorm sessions can be incredibly useful for idea generation and vetting, so hold your own with friends, family, and fellow inventors to shape your own inventions.

Design Tip: Don’t Reinvent The Wheel

Invention is about new ideas and solutions for common or novel problems, yet we often see inventors trying to fix what isn’t yet broken. Rather than inventing for inventing’s sake, or to create a prettier version of something that already exists, focus on ideas that solve new problems.

Design Tip: Think Simple

There is no need to overcomplicate your ideas. Your product’s future users don’t want to spend hours figuring out how to use it -- they just want it to work. Take time to simplify your approach and your explanation of it. Remember that sometimes less is more.