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Recharge Naturally

Black / Smoke / White

Quirky Design Staff

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Black glossy body, Smoky translucent suction cup, White LED


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I think that the black one is the best, it fits well everytime and everywhere

Avery Tan

The less distracting for drivers, the better.


I am really confused about this thing,,i cant charge my solar statues and stuff, through a window,it has to be direct sun,,so, is this a new "creation" because i have small solar statues, and in the winter, i tried to charge them by sitting them in front of the window,in the sun, and they do not get a charge...?

brandon george

The less noticable the better. These colors should work out very well.

Cory Crook

Looks good, I like the neutral colors.

Andrew Spilos

The neutral colors will probably be more appealing and most compatible with existing decors

Kevin Henning

I agree that happens to my GPS window suction cup.

Lea Kawabe

I see more comments on the other options, but in thinking of decor, this one seems to be the most neutral, so that you can use different colors to accent this in the room. If it is a solar unit, I'm sure the material will be made to utilize the heat as required. Solar panels are usually gray colored. It is given that they will get hot.


I agree that direct heat from a window in the sun will cause the black casing to get very warm and the heat could also affect the embedded electronics (USB charging circuit, etc.)

Michael Cavada

*** Black might absorb sun and make the unit hot causing it to expand and pop itself off the window.

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Cmf Phase

We’re almost at the end of the product development round for the Solar Charger product. But before we launch, we need your opinion on some color options.

In this project, we want you to vote on the final colors, materials, and finishes for this product.

Vote for the version you like the best, and make sure you leave comments and suggestions as we might end up with a version that deviates from one or more of these concepts.