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Bake Any Shape

Variable length by adding leaves


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Variable length by adding leaves. Fixed width but variable length.


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david farr

would it hold liquid..spills ..?

Doug Smarr

good idea. I guess to answer Steven's question, it could just snap together kind of like a floating hardwood floor or something.

Steven Fogelman

Could be an interesting idea. What holds the pieces together? What would that look like?

Denny2020 (Submitter)

Because the individual pieces are narrow. When apart, very compact storage and packaging.

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About This Project

Concept Phase

Time for concept phase for the adjustable baking tray! In this project, we want you to submit sketches, images, videos, and other visuals that illustrate design directions for the desk edge. We are going to let the community start this one off and we’ll use the top concepts as a starting point for our final design sketches.

For a little more info check out our brainstorm.