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Bake Any Shape

Origami folding magnetic sealing rectangular or square baking sheet or pan.

Nicholas Jansen

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A sheet comprised of small triangles that can be used as a baking sheet or turned into multiple sized baking pans. The sheet is turned to a baking pan by folding up the edges to meet(see attached images). Once folded the magnetic material inside the triangles will hold together to keep the shape of a pan. Once you are done baking simple unconnect edges, clean and store flat.


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kenny reyes

This may allow me to have one size baking pan and use the origami bake flex pan as liner to solve the problem of too many size baking pans in my already full cabinets (storage solution).

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About This Project

Concept Phase

Time for concept phase for the adjustable baking tray! In this project, we want you to submit sketches, images, videos, and other visuals that illustrate design directions for the desk edge. We are going to let the community start this one off and we’ll use the top concepts as a starting point for our final design sketches.

For a little more info check out our brainstorm.