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Quirky Purple Silicon Band


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Alana Ramdass

i Love this idea cant wait to get one of my own ... Excited much

Renee Gonzalez

Love the Purple!!! I need this!! When can we purchase?

Sandy McCarty

Any color/ I just want one or a couple

Earl Ann Bumpus

Multiple colors available would be great! I need one NOW are they in the store yet????

Mark Brahmstadt

it HAS to be RED... that is standard color when you look at other silicon baking pans!


I like the purple, but i think the product should be grey on the inside, just a bit wierd all the color to me for putting food in.

Naomi Adams

Different color shape changing pieces sold separate from metal sheet would be cool. Would need to make the color at the hole neutral...say gray, black, darker stainless etc.


looks toxic

Trevor Reid

I'm not a huge fan of any of these colors. Can't it be available in something neutral?

Jayro Sandoval

I love this color buy I think all colors should be available...I like to bake more than one thing at a time having multiple coolers would be kind of cool

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About This Project


We’re almost at the end of the product development round for the adjustable baking pan. For an update on this design, check out the winning submission from Refine Phase 2. But before we launch, we need your help choosing some colors.

In this project, we want you to vote on the final colors, materials, and finishes for this product.

Vote for the version you like the best, and make sure you leave comments and suggestions as we might end up with a version that deviates from one or more of these concepts.