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scott shephard

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Russell Smith

For some reason, I really like it the way it is. I see no danger of it being misunderstood as a 't', but by the same token I can understand how others might. Still, I would keep it the same.

tina sneed

This is pretty brilliant, it might be beneficial to try it with the connecting line running behind the letters as opposed to in from of them

michael colley

maybe, if you change the s back to a regular one, and connect up the right side of the n to the base of the g. that could look quite good.


Great work! As Stacy and Mathew said, you can play in with some simple colors in, as well as extend the 'g' so that instead of crossing out 'l' it'll come into a loop and encapsulate the whole word. To address Narottama's risk.


very creative one, however it's risky too, people possibly read it as "stingback".

Matthew Cua

Excellent ! Love the way it was designed.

But if you could play with some colors and as Stacy said, the wires/coiling aspects it would be great :D

Stalias .

This is visually arresting -- compelling, even -- but doesn't get across the "coiling" aspect of the product, which is a big part of its appeal, as coiling makes the cord smaller/disappear.


simple and clean. incorporates the product in the logo design. i'd change "back" into a different color though.

Russell Smith

This one takes it for simplicity and brand messaging. Well done.

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About This Project

Logo Design

Okay, we’ve come to know the SlingBack and we kinda love the SlingBack. So let’s suppose we took this bad boy so far that we wanted to, say, wear the t-shirt…what would the logo look like? What would visually say what we’ve all worked so hard to help create? Scribble down an idea, or check out what our designers have come up with…then let us know what you think. Hit the sliders, pick a favorite. quick – before time runs out!


The Wire Retractor is a Universal Device that Can Retract Virtually ANY wire, for easy cable management. The concept takes two of the basic wire retractors, and stacks one above the other. Both retractors move on the same center axis, however top and bottom move in opposing directions. User would simply fold a wire in half and insert the fold into the clasp in the midsection, which would hold the wire giving the spring/retractor the leverage it needs. Several different sizes and versions could be produced to accommodate all wire diameters. Low versions could connect to laptop adaptors, etc.

Go ahead… move those ratings bars… and MOST IMPORTANTLY: favorite your top 3 picks. Step one in full effect, y’all. Time’s-a-tickin’!

note the idea for the wire retractor is our development test project, and was conceived in house. you can still earn influence, and if the product gets made you’ll earn cash!