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Broom-cleaning dustpan

Foot/hand Pan

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This dustpan can either be held in the hand or stabilized with your foot, thus allowing you to stand and sweep. The silicone bristles are staggered to optimize effectiveness


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Brian Shy

The problem with the dustpan Kim linked to is it is flat bottomed - no angle. The one pictured here is also flat bottomed. When you use a hand dustpan you lift the back end up and push down towards the front to make a tight seal. With the foot models you can't do this maneuver so they have to have the lifted angle built in as Matthew included in his design. When you press down it puts pressure on the front edge. My point is make sure to include that angle in any footpad design and we won't have the negative reviews described above.


I think a combo of this one with the cleaning comb would be the best. I will vote here hoping the cleaning mechanism is added.

Fred Ende

Think that the focus on foot holding is good. Nice job.


I love all the foot-pressure designs. For this, and all the others using this technique, manufacturing accuracy will be important. Check out the two completely opposite reviews of a "foot pressure" pan here:

One person is delighted because the pan works so well, the second person says the dirt only goes *under* the pan. "... You pretty much have to pick up the dirt by hand and place it into the bin -- at which point it works just fine. ..." LOL!

Brian Shy

there are only two reviews, 1 star and 5 stars...hilarious

Trevor Johnson

Simple, yet distinct enough to add a reason to reach for this instead of the old school dustpan.

Have we contacted Target or Wal-mart yet?

Lars Jensen

If the spikes are smooth, one should be able to easily use the brush to get dust off the spikes. No need for the bristles on the back of the brush as in the other design submission. This should include a brush that attaches in a nice fairly sleek way.

Michael Cavada

I'm picturing all the dirt and dust bunnies getting so tangled in all those spikes that you'll have to use your fingers to pull it from the spikes.

Sandra Lehr

I like this one the best. I don't want to deal with multiple parts. Keep it simple!

Brian Shy

looks like you have coated the handle...make sure you leave the bottom of the handle uncoated or you won't be able to slide it.

Bob White

The dustpan must be shaped such that pushing down on the foot pad with your foot forces the front lip of the dustpan down. This would require an angle for the handle and foot pad a bit different than what's pictured here. The opposite is normally true of dustpans--to get the front lip down, one raises the handle in the rear.

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