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Jeanie D

This idea is great! I will be buying some. If you can make it that the ice doesnt catch on the sides making it hard to pull the tube out you will sell millions of these. :-)

Avichal Saha

This can be made more interesting by adding different varieties of shapes to make every drink more interesting, specially for kids, like star shaped, square, triangular, hexagonal ,etc - It would be nice to have ice "cubes" in those shapes, whichever design wins!

Evonne Wilks

I like this design, its my favorite! But I am concerned with how easy it is to flex for easy ice removal, & how water is going to stay in the ice cube space only! If the middle had a chamber for filling water to flow into each spot for ice cube formation, & this part maybe be a bendy silicon for the flexing growth as ice expands when freezing & easy bend flex for ice removal. I am trying to see how water is going to just stay in the ice cube space. Also with it being hard to pull it out of holder, the lid could have a whole for our fingers to go through to get a better grip for pulling... :))


This design is awesome. I would make one slight adjustment of putting in a keying slot or two along the length of the tube to ensure separation of the ice pieces. Illustrated here:

Dave Needleman

This needs a rectangular hole through the middle, that will allow inward deflection as the water freezes, and for ease of pulling the divider out.

It also needs a way for water to communicate from one chamber to the next that isn't cylindrical around the full circumference.

For a concept along these lines, see


To make it easier to pull ice out I suggest to add a screw thread on the top of the tube. Otherwise I assume to be quite difficult to pull the ice out with ease.

Christopher Imperial

This is the original design which is why it was voted. This is the coolest.


Perfect design for diffent ice shape such as stars.

Kathy Jamison

I love this idea and the way the tube looks! Somewhat futuristic! AND No moere spillingg water on the way to the freezer.

Carolyn Glines

I think it will be really hard to pull out the ice cubes.

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