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Chill Without the Spill

Easy to crack, pull, and pour Ice Triangle Tubes

Adam Zampino

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This idea is similar to the Quirky design "Ice Pull Tube" except that the tube is square (stackable without support), the ice cubes are triangular, and the spine has an easy-to-pull handle. Same concept - Remove a tube from the freezer, twist it to crack the ice, pull the handle and let the ice pour into your container/glass/bowl/etc.

To refill it, just pour water into it up to a FILL LINE (not shown), insert the spine (it locks into place water-tight), and put it in the freezer. The tube is designed to allow ice to expand without distorting the tube (the spine can collapse inward). The tubes can be stacked horizontally or rested vertically.


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Roman Chudas

Will be this ice stick enough flexible to destroy on pieces? By me no.

Mikal Oliver

I like this design. Let's keep it simple.


Don't know if this makes it too complicated, but what if the center "stem" served to "zip" the unit together. So that by pulling or retracting the center stem like a rip cord, it would open it up like a clam shell rather than pulling the cubes out. Good luck

Richard Campbell

The best part about this design is the fact that it stacks. It will go well in a freezer. All designs on this invention should incorporate this feature. The product is supposed to make the idea of an ice try more convenient and it will lose a lot of its worth if it doesn't fit naturally in a freezer.


I like the design Adam, good idea!

Adam Zampino (Submitter)

Thanks Sharon.


I like it but to lay them sideways before they are frozen the pull out stick better seal very well so they don't leak. If they were top filled when laying on the side the fill line would allow for expansion during freezing.

Adam Zampino (Submitter)

Interesting points. Thanks for your recommendations, Crafty!


I think without a way to get air to the bottom, this is going to be VERY hard to pull out. The ice will expand, making the fit even tighter.

Adam Zampino (Submitter)

As ROCKETman noted, air holes could work. However, when you twist the tube, the ice will crack up, making it easy to pull out.


Or if the bottom had a tight fitting cap, that would let air in too. Holes on the cover does not let air into the bottom. Think of the suction when pulling garbage out of a trash can. I am sure there is a solution. Good Luck.

Adam Zampino (Submitter)

Thanks, E.G. Good luck with your idea, as well ;)

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