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office desk - laminate

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Inside and underneath drawer - office desk


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About This Project

Ethnographic Photo Research Phase

In this project we’re looking to understand what the inside surface of your drawers look like.

Please select the drawer or cabinet you would most likely use with Covert , our magnetic lock; and submit the following things:

1. Photo of the underside of the top of the drawer or cabinet
2. Photo of the inside of the front of the drawer or cabinet
3. Label the photo with the material of the drawer or cabinet
4. Label the photo with the type and location of the drawer or cabinet (example: desk, dorm room)

We are interested in the many settings in which Covert may be used, however we are particularly interested in getting some photos of dorm furniture. If you live in a dorm or know someone in a dorm, ask them to snap a photo!

Please refer to the attached image for a visual description of the photos requested for submission.