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Elevate Your Dishes

Hang from a slotted keyhole like a picture frame


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The dishes and utensils can simply hang from a keyhole slot like any picture frame


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About This Project

Concept Phase

We’ve reviewed your comments and submissions from the Community Design Phase and taken them into consideration for the following concepts. In this project we want you to build off of and improve upon our concepts for the Hanging Plates submission.

In this round we focused particularly on the method in which the tableware can hang. Tableware specifics are currently undefined, and will be covered as the hanging system takes shape.

We also encourage you to build off submissions from the Community Design Phase. We will make sure to award influence for any ideas from the Community Design Phase that helped to shape ideas that make it out of this concept phase.

Please vote for the concept idea you like, If you have something to say, or have new ideas that could improve this product idea, please don’t hesitate to comment!