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Blue Ash

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niemand x

I think this color is dull. I think you need something brighter to get your attention since this is supposed to be for a timer that you are supposed to remember to look at.


A subtle elegance for a quiet kitchen.


the other colors seem old and dated, this is newer and fresher looking. More of an updated feel.


This one looks great!


Very Pretty Color. Voted

Ryan Gillette

goes with everything

Lisa Lee

Very pretty and soothing color. :)


I think each side should glow/light up red when time is done. I think the marker should be basic black being easy to see and to replace when dryed out!

Mary Quillin

I'm feeling confused by the lack of cohesiveness with the colors of Quirky products. I think that that using the same color for similar products, increases the ability to make each Quirky collections more visible. Such as one color for kitchen, another for office products, etc. When I buy several products at the same time for my kitchen for example, I want them to work together so I buy the same brand of products.

Peter Provart

Mary. I agree , Establishing a Quirky brand for the kitchen and having a consistent palette for products will sell more as people like to colour co-ordinate!

Pamela Marrache

I voted for the Blue Ash as I feel it's an elegant and versatile color; which would make it look good in diverse environments.

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About This Project

Cmf Phase

We’re almost at the end of the product development round for Cameron Walker’s Four Sided Kitchen Timer.

Before we launch, we need your help choosing some colors. In this project, we want you to vote on the final color, materials, and finish for the Multi Kitchen Timer.

Vote for the version you like the best, and make sure you leave comments and suggestions as we might end up with a version that deviates from one or more of these concepts.