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Non-stick cake pan with tasting cup

Rather than cutting off a corner, why not cut off the top of the cake that is not level?

Momatthecape Kim Rumberger

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Any shaped cake pan would work, with 2 parts, clamped together while baking, the smaller part near the top of the cake. When cooled the clamps can be undone, the top part removed, and using a long bread knife, the rise on the top of the cake could be sliced off, thereby leveling the cake. And there's your sample! You get a better sample (corners tend to be the driest part of the cake, anyhow). When frosting a cake properly you don't want the sides or bottom compromised, because crumbs drag into the frosting. The leveled side of the cake is where the filling goes, between 2 layers, or it can be the bottom of the single layer cake. This would be a great tool to assist with leveling, which is normally done by just turning and slicing, and is not always perfect.


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Linda Wilson

There are actually tools already on the market to level cakes: thin wire with adjustable height between 2 arms of the tool that lets you "saw" the top off to create a level surface.


To Momatthecape,

I left you an answer to your question:

I could not message you directly since you are not following me.

I hope this answers your question about my idea for this round.


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