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I like it!


I'm blue

The American Dream

This is my first choice for a Bath Shower Hanger Color. Blue reminds me of water and it's used in the shower. Great Color

Pat Aureli

Blue is my favorite color - this is rather nice.


Blue does not go in many bathrooms not at eye level and in a big way, the lines will draw attention and away from the primary color scheme. This is the color of that toilet bowl additive (well almost). The muted green is a neutral and won't disappear from view in hotel lavs once clothes have been removed (like Shelly noted in green version).

Nicholas Franck

Agreed - if this is going to be used in hotels on travel - then most of them are white. A white or off-white color would be best.

Scott Garfield

Fresh, clean looking, light, will blend better or as well as any other color. Voted for this one.


I think this is a great idea, seen lots of different types of clothes lines but none like this, definitely like the blue but I would make it sky or pool blue.
It's funny I read a comment about it wouldn't work for shirts or pants but if you think about it, it might create a new style, you know all wrinkled and shit.

Maria Morrill

like the color not the design :/ hopefully it's a very unfinished drawing :)

EW .

From what we understand, it is just a working drawing, the real one is closer to original, but with the soft border, same 4" square holes, will be able to be used horizontally, too.

Aleksandar Milovanovski

Wow.... i just love the design i can picture myself hanging thing on this item. It is very easy guys....for instance, if you dry socks you just put them in the holes and if you dry t-shirts you just hang from two different holes... is that easy :) you have plenty of space for your clothes here you are not limited at all. I just can see it, i don't know for you :) Blue is a refreshing color soooo i go for it. Thanks


This leaves others the dust...

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We’re almost at the end of developing the Hangout, but before we launch we need your help choosing the look of this product.

In this project we want you to vote for the one color/material/finish look you think works best for this product.