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A kitchen appliance that allows you to mix your own dry fruits and oats together and press it into a portable snack bar

Healthy Intentions

jerri campsen

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jerri campsen (Submitter)

I think this machine is a fabulous idea. I love to make granola in the oven but it can get messy and I hate cleaning all the pans later. I also love the idea of having yourself incharge of what goes into your granola recipe.
The Healthy Intentions Self Serve Granola Machine Does just that.

Thank you allowing me to send my thoughts and product name to you. Thank you.
All the best to everyone.
Jerri Campsen

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About This Project

Product Naming

In this project we want you to submit names for the Snack Machine.

This machine takes a dry ingredient (such as your favorite granola and dried fruit) and mixes in a binder (honey or the like) and then presses it all into a homemade healthy snack!

We tend to draw towards names that help describe the product or give the user an emotion towards the service provided. While the names are important, they tend to be short so the highlight of the packaging goes to the tagline of the product.

To see possible design directions for this healthy snack machine, check out the Refine II Phase.