2 Mics - 1 in each earbud or headphone


Up to 5% influence

Locate the microphones in the earbuds or earphones giving easier access to ambient sound coming from either direction, not just in front of body (with one mic in wire). No need to take them off to listen to ambient sound. Switch music or Mics (from doggle on wire) louder or lower, when user wants.


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I like this. A better way to pick up the most ambiant sound. Voted


Very smart! 2 mics better than 1.

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About This Project

Community Design Phase

In this project we want you to submit sketches, images, videos, and other visuals that illustrate design directions for German Romero’s Smart Headphones.

We will take the top ideas as inspiration towards the final design. Please take a look at the original submission (linked above) before you get to work!