Adjusting Front and Sides

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Adjusting Front and Sides


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Mark Squires

I agree with comments on weight distribution, but mostly like the front opener for easy adjustment and safety as openers are easiest accessible in this design if child need to get out of vest in a hurry


The vest needs to accommodate all body sizes. This is the only one I'd buy for my kids because I know they'd grow with it too! Or, well, I have to be honest, maybe that's a down side to this, if kids grow out of it, then they'll have to buy more.

Cathy Thorburn Wilson

I have found that hiking with a vest full of stuff is way more comfortable than a backpack full of stuff. Also, I adjust my life jacket on the sides, so, this is my vote for a water vest.

Michael Kloeckner

this will address and accommodate the most sizes of people, the only one that makes sense to me.

Tomas Lipovsky

as for me i agree that this style will be more flexible to use - one size fits all. i suggest to make filling vent in front near shoulder so it can be easily refill. From the picture it looks like it is at the back size.


THe adjustment would make this vest fit and distribute load easier.

Michael Kloeckner

right, water is heavier then people think


This seems like it would slide all over the place and be uncomfortable and annoying to use.


it isnt as pretty but this will be best for accommodating a range of different sized people and giving a good target in the front

Rich Harrigill

Having adjustments in the front as well as sides makes this much more "one size fits all" so that more people can enjoy a comfortable fit with this.


It's not my favorite BUT... it seems like the most practical, as it doesn't have to be lifted over the head (to put it on) when it's full of water. It seems like a vest filled with water might be tough for a child to lift over his/her head.


A good point, but hopefully, Quirky will design the water vest so that you can put the vest on and then fill it up, as kids will need a way to easily refill the vest themselves while playing outside.

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About This Project

Refine Phase

It’s time to refine the concepts for Sonia’s Water Vest submission. We’ve reviewed your comments and submissions from the community concept phase and taken them into consideration for the following concept directions. Now, we are determining what would be the best style of adjustability for the vest.

Please vote for which ever style you think would be best for kids of all shapes and sizes. Keep in mind that this is not a CMF phase, so the colors and over all look and design of the vest should play no part in your decision. All of the vests already include padded shoulders to support the weight of the water, an area to attach the water accessories, and a way to adjust the size. Plus, the color-changing fabric is used in each style we submitted.

If you have something to say, please don’t hesitate to comment!