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Barbara Miles

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B Durfee

Way too late to make suggestions now, but since so many are missing the plug maybe making it the color of the tag line font would make it pop for people.

Michael Mattox

Nice. I didn't get my votes in...darn.

Eleanor Yarley

Numero deuce!!! Wow, I see a triple in the works. BIG Congrats and sorry to hear about the flu.

Tyrel Hatfield

Congrats Barbara! I'm gonna go buy me a chocolate shake and feel sorry for myself. LOL Hope you get to feeling better. I know a win always lifts my spirits! :)


I did have to do a double - take to see it as well, when you notice it, it pops! Voted for another of yours, congrats!

Barbara Miles (Submitter)

I just checked my email, and was really surprised to win. I really thought Tyrel had it. Thank you for the kudos. I took Eddie's comment from my original one about the E looking like a plug and thought it did too :) So thank you Eddie for the help! I've been pretty busy this week and have been in bed all week with the flu so it really made my day.


Congrats Barbara!

Sandra Lehr



Congrats Once again Barbara!

Jerry Tirado

Congrats Barbara! I finally got some influence! I saw this and I said this will win and I'm glad I changed my vote.

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