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Over-the-door drying rack

Dorm Room Door Drying Rack


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The problem with most drying racks, is that they are directly in front of the door, and when you go to reach for the door, you get smacked with wash. Why not off-set the rack, but allow it to accordion when the door opens, and then bounce back into full spread when the door closes. I would recomend spots to hang dry stuff and spots for hangers,


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This is the only drying rack that works!! None of the "compact" ones work before there is no air flow between the individual items. They just create a local cloud of humidity!

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About This Project

Concept Phase

It’s time to start concepting for the Back To College Flat Folding Drying Rack, submitted by Leanne Luce! Check out the winning submission here

After some feedback from our retail partners we’ve decided on a design brief to include the following:
• Fold flat for shipping and packing away
• Must hang off the bed, drawer or door (or more!)
• Include a secondary function when it is not drying items.

Our concepts try to include these, but don’t let yourself get too limited by these loose guides. As always, our concepts have been thrown into the mix for you to riff off, rip off or otherwise ignore!