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Sliding Solution.


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the locking mechanism can slide sideways.


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Walid Abdalla

if you slide it to lock then why do even need the teeth


JAndre... Fantastic diagram!

However, there is one possible weakness that I think you could fix. To open without a key, just grab the key-lock from the front and slide it sideways so the metal part that goes over the top of the drawer just slides along the top edge of the drawer.

The sliding could be prevented with the addition of either some cleated teeth, 2 screw holes, or an adhesive strip on the inside plate of the drawer that hold the locking mechanism in place (i.e. so the part with the front rails cannot be slid along the top of the drawer).

Trevor Bernard

If the teeth face the other way as chuck said then this idea is very similar to how mine opens (, maybe the answer is a combination of the two.


Trevor, yes a combo of these 2 ideas might make for a great solution.

Since your lock is attached to the corner of the drawer, it cannot slide and be defeated, as I described in my above comment to JAndre.

However, neither design will work on drawers where the front face of the drawer extends up high and there is no gap at the top of the drawer (i.e. the same for kitchen and bathroom drawers).


Teeth of locking mechanism need to be facing other way.

J.Andre. (Submitter)

Yup. You're right!! I was moving too fast. ;-)
Thanks Chuck!


Nice drawing Jadre.

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In this project, we want you to submit sketches, images, videos, and other visuals that illustrate industrial design directions for G.S. Krieg’s universal drawer lock We’ll use the top concepts as a starting point for our final design sketches.