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Scrubbing attachment for towels

Clean Ring

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Like a napkin ring, slide this onto your kitchen towel and use for that extra scrub.


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Barbra Winston

I do not like the idea of having my cloth attached to my scrubber during my scrubbing process. My cloth would be picking up all the grime that my scrubber was removing...which means more cleaning of the cloth when I am done..


I don't see the purpose of putting this on a cloth. You could use it by itself. Seems more of a hassle to put a cloth through it since the cloth will not even be used.

Keith Witt



I agree

Paul Schmitzer

I agree Ray, nice an simple. Works with towels you already own. Can be hung on hook. Let's see cool color options.


Ray Arsenault

Another simple design--I like it. Voted.

Matthew Murrie

I really like this one as well. Could you put a dip in the top of that ring so a finger could fit over it, thus allowing for more pressure to be applied? Or, could you make two or three rings (brass knuckle style)so the user could stick his/her fingers through it?

I really like the size of this and how it could fit on any towel one already owns. But when it's time to scrub, I tend to want all the pressure I can apply. And for people with arthritis, giving them a dip to rest a finger or finger holes to stick their fingers in, might make for easier scrubbing.

The Cash Rhino

This is the best One. I see myself purchasing this one. It's small, can easily be used with a towel and doesn't look weird on my finger.

Javier Rapoport

like finger buffer better though... has more possibilities!

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