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What age range would this idea be most appealing to?
How important is it that this product produce "jelly" bracelets versus rigid bracelets?
Is your child excited about DIY projects?
What kind of involvement should the parents have in this activity?
If this bracelet maker was able to produce professional looking bangle bracelets, would you or another adult in the home be interested in creating custom bracelets?
Have you or anyone else in your house attempted to make any of the following types of bracelets before?
What would you like this product to make?

Research Phase

In this project we’ll need you to answer some key research questions about Jelly Bracelet Maker so we can further define this product.

Up to 5% influence

How Research Works

As with any good project, research is the starting point for realizing a great idea. During this stage of development, we are interested in discovering consumer preferences, potential use cases, and design directions for a new product. We will ask you questions straight from our design staff or the inventors themselves.

Of course, we don't expect you to share your knowledge for free: By sharing your insights with us you'll earn yourself some influence! All participants split 5% amongst themselves. The more questions you complete, the more influence you will earn!