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Project Direction Flash Phase

We originally selected Brian Erickson’s Space Video Kit, because that we loved that it pushed the boundaries. There are a lot of kits out there, but they are complicated and extremely pricey (anywhere from $500 – over $1,000), and they really do not make this fun experience all that accessible. If quirky moves forward with this idea, we want to make sure that what we are making is unique and different from the competitors on the market. There are two directions that we are currently considering: making a product that launches into space to capture high altitude images or making a product that captures elevated aerial shots in order to take images of locations, events, and outdoor gatherings. Check out the two options below and leave comments to let us know what you think!

Option A:

If we were to lower the height in which this product could travel, it would drive the cost down by a lot. However, in order for this product to be unique, it would have to be different from the competitive products already available, so we would need to think of a direction which strengthens this choice. But, this product wouldn’t require you to have to call ahead of time to the FAA. This product would be more likely used to take aerial images of you and your friends while at the beach, or picnic, or while at an outdoor party. It could possibly also take interesting shots and diverse perspectives from a higher altitude. This product may be able to use your iphone as the camera or as a remote.

Option B:

This product would launch into space and capture high altitude images. For this concept to be unique, we would have to figure out a way to make this different than the current kits on the market. Putting your Iphone in space may actually damage your phone so our product would potentially have a built in camera as well as a tracking device to find it once it falls back to Earth. The iphone could still be linked to the device but it would stay with the user on earth. However, one would also have to call ahead 24 hours before each launch to the FAA and the launches would require a replaceable weather balloon for each launch. The product would be much more involved and costly, however, the reward would be retrieving images from space as well as several hours of fun from launch to end.

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