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Bangle: Project Results


We’re almost ready to launch Heather Chillemi’s Jelly Bracelet Maker, but before we do, we need your help deciding what color scheme you think fits best with this product. If you do not see a color combination below, please feel free to leave your ideas in the comments.

This product idea includes a 3 part mold as shown on the right side of this image. The mold comes apart in two pieces with a center insert so that there are two chambers on the inside, allowing 2 bracelets to be made at once: a faceted textured one and a smaller smooth one. A tube of resign will be included for each bracelet. It is a two-part mixture that once it is opened, the two halves mix together and begin the hardening process. The end of the tube opens up so that beads, glitter, charms, etc. can be added. There are two holes, also called “sprues”, on the top of the mold for the resign to travel down into the chamber to begin hardening. After the hardening process is complete, the mold can be opened to reveal the two bracelets.

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