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Do you <i>personally</i> know a boy (whether it be your son, your nephew, your neighbor, etc.) who would not only want his very own bracelet maker?
Do you <i>personally</i> know a girl (whether it be your daughter, your niece, your neighbor, etc.) who would want her very own bracelet maker?

Research Flash Phase

In order to market this bracelet maker to the correct audience, we need a few questions answered.

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How Research Works

As with any good project, research is the starting point for realizing a great idea. During this stage of development, we are interested in discovering consumer preferences, potential use cases, and design directions for a new product. We will ask you questions straight from our design staff or the inventors themselves.

Of course, we don't expect you to share your knowledge for free: By sharing your insights with us you'll earn yourself some influence! All participants split 5% amongst themselves. The more questions you complete, the more influence you will earn!