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Sandables: Project Results


The Sandpaper Sticks project is nearing completion! The Quirky Design Staff is finishing up the details and gearing up for the launch. Now, we need the Quirky Community to help name this product.

In this project, we’re asking you to submit and vote on names for this product.

This product did not require a CMF phase, as it follows the standard method for color coding sandpaper. We’ve included some drawings in this phase instead so you can get a better idea of what it will look like.

Three different grips of sandpaper blocks will be packaged together in a tray. After placing them in the microwave, you can mold the block to form and fit the shape of object you are sanding.

Don’t forget to do a search for potential trademark infringement before submitting your name idea. This can be as simple as running a google search on your name submission. While we won’t disqualify a name that belongs to another product, store, etc., it might have an effect on our decision.

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